Case Study: Shift Your Ride with New Brunswick Power

Supporting Electric Utilities With Electric Vehicle Adoption

Case Study

Shift Your Ride with New Brunswick Power

NB Power created the Shift your Ride Program to encourage the replacement of internal combustion engine vehicles with plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles. Through the program, NB Power works with its commercial clients to demonstrate the value of strategically placed electric vehicle adoption. In partnership with this utility, FleetCarma has already delivered 5 electric vehicle suitability assessments to the progressive municipality partners through the province of New Brunswick.

“The FleetCarma review provided us with details on a key sample of our fleet, revealing new information that can help shape future decision making around vehicle renewal options. If we are to be sustainable, we must constantly look for new and better ways to do things.”


– Brad Woodside, Mayor, City of Fredericton

The utility’s goal in this fleet initiative has been to provide the services its customers need to build the confidence that plug-in vehicles will work for them and make good economic sense. The results from the 5 initial participating fleets have been enlightening, while the process of stakeholder engagement has shifted the culture of thinking for a number of the participating organizations.

The EV Fleet Suitability Assessment Service


3 Step Approach to Successful EV Integration

The Fleet Review Service delivered to these municipalities had the objective of engaging fleet managers, sustainability professionals, and senior executives in a process that took little effort for the participants yet delivered reliable data analysis for their operational decision making. The process involved the use of up to 20 vehicle data loggers for a period of 3-4 weeks to sample the fleet’s duty cycles. These data were used to drive a software model of electric vehicles using FleetCarma’s predictive energy modelling technology. After approximately one month, FleetCarma and the utility presented the results back to the participating fleet operators, who have been able to use these customized studies to build the internal case for more EV adoption.

Across all the fleet operators in the program, 94% of their duty cycles where found to have sufficient time to fully charge with the best-matched EV while using a Level 2 (240 volt, 30 amp) charging station. Meanwhile, 91% of the duty cycles would have been range capable for at least one of the all-electric vehicles assessed by the FleetCarma modelling software.

These results helped fleet managers in the program determine how to mitigate risks of range issues by knowing where to deploy all-electric options while still allowing sufficient time to fully charge. Although the results varied considerably from one application to the next, the modelling indicated that the financial benefit of electrifying their fleet applications would be approximately $11,735 per vehicle over a seven year service life, while potential reductions in fuel usage and life-cycle GHG emissions by 95% and 94%, respectively.

Across all fleets, the pilot program estimates an opportunity for $1,091,298 in financial savings and 2,123,710 kg of CO2 savings during the typical service life by strategically selecting the optimal powertrain and EV model for each duty cycle assessed.


Potential Fleet-wide Savings


Savings Per Vehicle


Reduction in Fuel


Reduction in GHG Emissions

To learn more about the NB Power initiative and its partnership with FleetCarma, view the NB Power press release here.

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