Effectively Plan and Deploy Electric Vehicles.

Skip the guesswork, study existing vehicles to pinpoint EV adoption and calculate the ROI of your informed decisions.

Engage stakeholders with an EV Suitability Assessment.

Increased EV adoption represents a significant opportunity for electric utilities, offering the potential for increased demand and a larger customer base.

FleetCarma can help with your customer engagement initiatives. Whether it’s a fleet review or an EV-friendly workplace program, our EV suitability assessment and EV modeling technology is the best in-class program to increase electric vehicle ‘IQ’ and EV uptake in your service area.

Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessments

Create multi-year procurement plans with confidence.

Screenshot of electric vehicle total cost of ownership reports from FleetCarma portal

New technologies often bring uncertainty – and this follows true with electric vehicles. Will the vehicle be able to perform the routes required? Will it have enough time to charge in-between trips? Will it have a positive impact on the bottom line?

Use FleetCarma’s predictive modeling technology to bring reliable data to the equation, allowing you to create multi-year procurement plans tailored specifically to you. With accurate vehicle and total cost of ownership data, you’re able to make decisions with confidence.

Increase electric vehicle uptake and infrastructure.

Whether your program is supporting fleet managers or employees at a workplace, our EV suitability engagement program delivers the information needed to increase EV adoption.

For fleet managers… take a total cost of ownership perspective when building the case for EVs with your finance department and other key stakeholders.

For employers… engage your employees and understand the extent to which workplace charging would be needed and or beneficial.

EVs charging

Maximize EV ROI.

Screenshot of Total Cost of Ownership report from FleetCarma portal

While electric vehicles represent an opportunity for significant cost savings, it can be difficult to identify which vehicles will provide the greatest return.

Our EV Suitability Assessment solves this dilemma, based on your specific vehicle data. Using a physics-based algorithm, we’re able to determine the best-fit EVs for your particular duty cycles, accurately predicting the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the vehicle. Put the right vehicles for the right applications in your fleet portfolio.

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How It Works

  • Data log existing vehicles

    How are vehicles currently used in the fleet?

  • Run vehicle simulations through duty cycles

    Will EVs be capable to do the job? Will they reduce total costs?

  • Report results

    Which EV is the best fit?