The vehicle research tool built by researchers.

We built the perfect tool for vehicle researchers, so you can get back to research and analysis.

Easily access non-standard OBD signals and hard-to-get EV data.

Vehicle research can be complicated. Often times signals that are essential for fuel efficiency and electric vehicle research are locked away, and take time, money and engineering support to figure out how to access.

FleetCarma’s turn-key vehicle monitoring system unlocks these hard-to-get signals. Get access to EV data such as electricity consumption, auxiliary power loads, odometer readings, charging event logs, and battery state-of-charge signals, along with conventional signals such as fuel consumption, vehicle speed, distance and location.

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Compare different makes and models on one platform.

FleetCarma electric vehicle monitoring report screenshots

Dealing with multiple vehicle makes and models means ‘cracking the CAN bus’ multiple times, requiring an extensive investment from your technical team.

FleetCarma supports most conventional vehicles, and has custom data decoding capabilities for more than 40 plug-in EVs from around the world – ranging from small two-seaters to heavy-duty trucks. We provide a flexible system for multiple vehicle types on one common platform, enabling new and exciting research opportunities.

Simple installation, automated reporting.

A do-it-yourself research solution can mean a complicated installation and a tedious data extraction process.

FleetCarma’s vehicle logging hardware simply clips into the vehicle’s OBDII port. Once installed, you’ll receive access to our user-friendly web portal, with an overview of your data, trip summaries, driver feedback, charging details, diagnostic alerts, and the ability to export your raw data as a CSV file.

FleetCarma logger being clipped-in

Save time and money with a world-class solution.

FleetCarma logger

It’s easy to spend thousands of dollars and countless hours experimenting on vehicles in search of a solution for your data collection needs.

FleetCarma’s world-leading vehicle monitoring system is practical, non-intrusive, provides rich vehicle data, and simply just works.

Ready to access rich vehicle data?

A turn-key solution for your fuel efficiency & electric vehicle research.

Get access to data such as:

Electricity Consumption

Battery State-of-Charge

Battery State-of-Health

Charging Event Logs

Driver Feedback


Fuel Consumption

Idle Consumption





Engine torque & RPM

Auxiliary Power Loads

Ambient Temperature

Component Temperature

Component Position

Component Pressure

+ much more. Schedule a demo to get a full walk-through of all the features.