Residential Smart Charging Pilot in Toronto

Results of a Utility Controlled Charging Pilot

Global EV sales are on the rise, resulting in a growing load on the electricity system.

The shape and size of this load must be known for electric utilities to realize the full benefit of the additional load on their network. With that knowledge, utilities can forecast when and where they will need to upgrade infrastructure (the ‘build’ option) and/or seek to shape the load through pricing signals or direct load control (the ‘shape’ option).

This report reviews a residential pilot program that took place in Toronto, Ontario Canada, in partnership with Toronto Hydro and 30 EV owners. Baseline data was captured to understand the natural load shape. After the baseline data was captured, paired smart-charging was utilized to actively manage to charging load for the benefit the grid while guaranteeing EV owners a full charge by a preset time.

Inside the ChargeTO Report you’ll find:

  • An executive summary and ChargeTO overview.
  • EV growth figures for Global and Regional Markets.
  • How ChargeTO reduced peak EV load by over 50%
  • Why Utilities should prepare for the rapid adoption of EVs.

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