We help electric utilities understand and manage the impact of EV charging.

SmartCharge Platform by FleetCarma

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Announcement: FleetCarma to become ‘Geotab Energy’

Arming utilities and electric vehicle owners with advanced electricity demand management solutions, helping them overcome charging challenges.

The Geography of EV Charging

Understanding how regional climates impact charging and driving behavior.

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Charge the North:
Results from the world's largest EV charging study

Answers to the most pressing questions utility companies have related to the impact of electric vehicle charging on the grid.

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Electric vehicle growing pains

How electric vehicles have evolved and why up-to-date data is critical for demand-side management.

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SmartCharge Platform

Everything electric utilities need to integrate electric vehicles with the grid.

Profile electric vehicle load in your service territory.

SmartCharge Profile
Real-time EV load profiling

All the data you need to understand EV driving and charging behavior in a utility territory. The first step toward managing electric vehicle charging load.

– No two utilities are alike
– Find out what you’ve been missing
– Pinpoint consumption on the grid

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SmartCharge Rewards Earn rewards for charging your electric vehicle.

SmartCharge Rewards
EV behavioral load shifting

Shift vehicle charging load and win over customers by rewarding good charging habits.

– Shift EV charging load
– Promote clean transportation
– Reward good charging habits

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SmartCharge Manager

SmartCharge Manager
Direct load control for EV charging

The only direct load control solution that can guarantee drivers will have enough charge for their next trip.

– Enroll EVs in demand response programs
– Ensure drivers get enough range
– Detailed energy reporting

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