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SmartCharge Rewards Portal
Shift EV load with SmartCharge Rewards™

Cut the cost of charging and enhance electric grid efficiency.

SmartCharge RewardsTM is a plug-and-play incentive program for utilities to help shift EV charging to off-peak hours and create manageable load growth – without the hassle & cost of installing a sub-meter. It’s designed to help EV owners reduce the cost of charging and enhance electric grid efficiency and resiliency – making service more reliable for everyone. Using our C2 connected car device, it can quickly & easily be scaled across thousands of vehicles, and you’re able to generate (anonymized) comprehensive EV data that includes all of home, workplace, and public charging.

Turn-key EV charging incentives

Comprehensive EV data

Flexible customer rewards platform

Will an EV be able to perform the required tasks in my fleet?
Take the work out of EV adoption

Reduce fleet costs, fuel use and increase efficiency.

The FleetCarma Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment (EVSA) is designed to improve the effectiveness of fleet operators and sustainability managers. We collect high-quality vehicle-side data to analyze and run efficiency diagnostics to produce a final report. This report lets fleet operators forecast the effects of their decisions. It also supports budgetary decisions by accurately forecasting ROI. After conducting hundreds of assessments for thousands of vehicles, we know how to find hidden savings in automotive fleets. Let us show you how.

Evaluate multi-year procurement plans, tailored to your fleet.

Show clear cost comparisons based on an independent audit.

Forecast the reduction of GHGs based on possible fleet compositions.

FleetCarma vehicle report
Collecting vehicle-side data is easier than you think

Plug-and-play collection of RAW data for non-standard vehicle signals.

Join the hundreds of automotive researchers who enjoy using the FleetCarma C2 to get instant access to standard and non-standard vehicle-signals in a RAW data format for research studies. Now automotive researchers can access non-standard vehicle data, such as electrical consumption, auxiliary power loads, odometer readings, charging event logs, and battery state-of-charge, battery state-of-health, along with conventional vehicle signals such as fuel consumption, vehicle speed, distance, location and more with ease.

Access any vehicle signal without the search.

Remotely monitor and download research data.

Scalable deployment makes execution of large studies possible.

We’ve perfected collecting data, so you can focus on the findings.

FleetCarma smart charging dispatch
EV charging load control

An intelligent EV charging solution for automated demand response.

With electric vehicle adoption in the United States expected to grow to more than 2.7 million vehicles by 2023, it is becoming increasingly essential for utilities to deploy an effective smart charging program. SmartCharge Manager is a simple and automated solution to manage electric vehicle demand response programs.

Access to realtime vehicle and charging data.

Monitor and control real-world charging utilization patterns.

A turn-key solution for EV smart charging load management.

Meet our fans.

“We’ve gone from a mindset that thought we can never afford to adopt electric vehicles to a mindset that believes we can’t afford not to.”
– Jim Gudjonson, Thompson Rivers University

“…helped us model the capabilities of EVs in our applications and to build the business case with our management team. It was really a no brainer after that.”
– Suzanne Madder, Town of Oakville

“No one else can tell you with this degree of precision and customization how EVs can be incorporated into your fleet. The numbers and models speak for themselves.”
– Leon de Vreede, Town of Bridgewater

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