SmartCharge New York

“Awesome New Program Lets You Earn Up To $500 Just For Charging Your Electric Vehicle!”

What is SmartCharge New York?

An innovative program designed to help EV owners reduce the cost of charging and enhance electric grid efficiency and resiliency – making service more reliable for everyone.

Through FleetCarma’s unique interactive digital platform, you’re able to track your EV stats and automatically earn rewards each month by charging in the Con Edison service territory. You can also earn additional rewards by shifting charging to off-peak hours and staying clear of summer peak hours.

Apply now and join a community of SmartCharge Champions™ who have committed to reducing their carbon footprint.

Earn rewards & access EV Stats.

Earn Rewards

Receive $150 just for getting started, with the potential to earn an additional $350 throughout the year. Learn more

Driving Efficiency

Track your driving efficiency and how it compares to other EV owners. Learn more

Battery Health

Understand your battery’s degradation of storage and power capacity over time. Learn more

Charging Energy Consumption

See when you charge your vehicle, and how much energy is consumed. Learn more

Privacy Guarantee

We take your privacy very seriously. Program data is encrypted and never shared outside of Con Edison and FleetCarma. Learn more

Help Grid Reliability

Contribute to grid reliability. Charge your vehicle during off-peak times to help ensure the reliability and resiliency of the electric grid for everyone. Learn more

What Other EV Owners Are Saying About SmartCharge New York

“It gives me discounts on the electric… Also, it has a pretty nice dashboard that is easy to set up and gives me information about my driving habits”

– Douglas Olsen
Tesla Model S Owner

“Up until using FleetCarma, I actually had no idea how much power I was using and how much money I was saving by switching from a gas car to an electric car.”

– Dana Stetson
Tesla Model S Owner

“It was really easy to start the program, I just plugged in the device and then started using it. Then within a few weeks I started seeing some data… It gave me the right sort of incentive. It was actually fun!”

– Tom Klinkowstein
BMW i3 Owner

“To me, SmartCharge Rewards just makes sense. . .”

– Peter Andersen
Chevrolet Volt Owner

“If you charge between midnight and 8 AM they give you 5 Cents per kilowatt… Which is great. Then you have data that you can click and download in excel sheet. I’m really curious how other people drive!”

– Nenad Bach
Tesla Model S Owner

“It’s a program I found very easy to sign up for, and I’ve learned a great deal…”

– Mark Bernardo
Chevrolet Volt Owner