Good News for Green Fleets – Record Fleet Wide Fuel Economy

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2012 Fleet Year of the Green CarThe 2012 model year is being touted as the greenest yet, with the Natural Resources Defense Council dubbing 2012 “The Year of the Green Car”.  Vehicles this year have set a new record reaching the highest ever fleet wide fuel economy.  After taking into account the sales of each vehicle model, the overall average fuel economy increased 1 Mile per Gallon (MPG).

According to the University of Michigan the sales-weighted average fuel economy of passenger vehicles increased from 22.5 MPG to 23.6 MPG.  While these figures are a far cry from the efficiency of most hybrids today, it represents a step in the right direction as well as movement to comply with recent corporate average fuel economy (CAFE) standards of 54.5 MPG by 2025.

One of the most exciting details about this study is that improvements were made across all vehicle classes.  Typically, increased fuel economy is associated with only subcompact vehicles, but the increased fuel economy is associated with only a third of the vehicles making gains being classified as compacts.

Couple this with last week’s announcement that electric vehicle sales have increased 228% this year, and it confirms that fuel economy truly is the priority when purchasing new vehicles.

What does this mean for fleets?

Greater overall fuel efficiency across vehicle classes means that when purchasing a new vehicle no compromise will have to be made for better fuel economy.  With all classes making headway towards better efficiency it is possible for fleets to choose a vehicle that meets their needs and lowers their fuel expenses.

Fleet managers should keep in mind that these increases are representative of the sticker value given when they purchase a car and may need to take further steps to understand their own real world fuel usage.

Fleet managers can find out how to integrate these new vehicles into their fleet in a way which saves them the most by completing a free fleet assessment.

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