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Battery electric cars are on the rise again and have charged ahead of plug-in hybrids for first quarter sales in 2017. As more drivers than ever before are feeling the buzz of all electric vehicles an even larger demographic have started to consider purchasing BEVs. While concerns over the plug-in electrics range, price, efficiency and reliability have eased compared to previous years, they are not yet completely resolved. In this article, we will compare the most popular models of electric cars and answer the question; what are the reported ranges of the 2017 lineup?

2017 Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf remains among the most popular Electric Vehicles with its 107-mile range; a figure that recently increased for the 2017 model year. The Leaf’s range is especially impressive considering its base price of under $31,000 USD and its capacity for five, which makes the Leaf among the most practical and affordable EVs on the market today. It may lack in equipment, but it makes up for it in short charging times and low price.

2017 Chevrolet Bolt


The 2017 Chevrolet Bolt is a five-door hatchback which in addition to impressive performance characteristics features a distinct exterior styling and an attractive interior. The Bolt has a comparatively low MSRP of  $36,620 USD for the impressive 238 miles of all electric range. Equally impressive is the fact that Bolt drivers will be able to travel up to 90 miles on just a half hour (DC fast-charge) charging. The 150 kW (200 hp equivalent) permanent magnet motor/generator produces torque of up to  266 lb.ft. also gives the car plenty of pep.



2017 Tesla Model S

2017 Tesla Model S Range

The Tesla Model S is a versatile vehicle platform which offers a wide band of performance and range options. The 2017 base model of the S has been improved over the years, a process more akin to software and computer development than vehicle manufacturing. Currently, the RWD 70 trim model offers a range of 234 miles of range and will cost drivers $72,700 USD. The highest range Tesla S 100D will run down over 360 miles on a full charge.

2017 Tesla Model X

Battery Range Tesla Model X

The sporty electric SUV comes loaded with a host of features present in your everyday vehicle and much more. With its supercharge feature and Ludicrous mode, this is one impressive vehicle. Like the Model S, the X is highly customizable and has varying ranges as a result. Tesla reports the highest range X P100D will travel 289 miles while the 75D and 90D come in at 238 and 257 miles of range.

2017 Kia Soul EV

How far can the 2017 Kia Soul EV go Range

The 2017 Kia Soul EV is jumping into the marketplace with a reported range of 93 miles. While that’s nowhere near the range of some larger and more expensive electric vehicles it will no doubt find a home with some owners who don’t require the extended range of other EVs. When you consider the MSRP of $32,250 it may be well worth it.

2017 Smart Fortwo electric drive

Smart for two ev range

The smallest electric car in the 2017 lineup will also offer the shortest reported range. “70 to 80 miles” is what Smart reports drivers can expect from this little electric. However, like the Kia Soul EV that should be perfect for a large number of short-range commuters. That should not be an issue for concern for most drivers since the Smart Fortwo is not built for long journeys but short town commutes. It retails for a fair price of $25,750 USD and for an additional $3,000; you can get yourself the cabriolet version, which remains the only convertible EV. Perfect for summer whips to the beach.

2017 Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Mitsubishi Electric Car range

The Mitsubishi i-MiEV sport unique futuristic styling, it’s range capability isn’t quite as bold. 63 miles what you will be able to squeeze out of this little electric car. However, for a ticket price which starts at $23,500 it might be exactly what some consumers are looking for.

2017 Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus EV Range


The Ford Focus Electric is highly competitive in the EV marketplace thanks in part to a 76 Mile range and a large interior. Things are even more competitive for 2017 now that Ford has reduced the vehicle’s price by more than $4,000. The hatchback’s new base price starts at $29,120 USD and comes fully loaded. Rear cameras, navigation and parking assist all come as standard. The Focus Electric can also be fully recharged in around three and a half hours, which mirrors the Leaf when it comes equipped with the 6.6-kW charger.

2017 FIAT 500e

All anyone can seem to say about the 500e is how fun much fun it is to drive. What’s also notable is it’s reported range of 84 Miles it’s definitely another contender when it comes to the smaller conservative range EVs which are gaining popularity. However, Fiat is still yet to sell this car outside California so sales are still quite small and the car is quite expensive at MSRP $32,995 USD for the base model.

2017 BMW i3

Range of BMW i3

The perfect small EV for the contemporary urban dweller. If one gets the chance to climb behind the wheel, they will note that the boldly-styled i3 offers a unique interior, a surprising amount of headroom and 3-hour charge times. The latest BMW i3 has a 114 mile range on a full charge that’s 40% farther than the first generation model. All of the tech in this ultimate driving machine can be yours for MSRP $42,400 USD.

The 2017 EV market is a Smörgåsbord of options

Model Range (Miles) MSRP $USD $ / Mile
2017 Mitsubishi i-MiEV 63 $23,500.00 $373.02
2017 Smart Fortwo electric drive 70 $25,750.00 $367.86
2017 Ford Focus Electric 76 $29,120.00 $383.16
2017 FIAT 500e 84 $32,995.00 $392.80
2017 Kia Soul EV 93 $32,250.00 $346.77
2017 Nissan Leaf 107 $31,000.00 $289.72
2017 BMW i3 114 $42,400.00 $371.93
Tesla S 70 234 $72,700.00 $310.68
2017 Chevrolet Bolt 238 $36,620.00 $153.87
Tesla X 75D 238 $85,500.00 $359.24
Tesla X 90D 257 $93,500.00 $363.81
Tesla X P100D 289 $145,000.00 $501.73
Tesla S 100D 360 $97,500.00 $270.83


2017 EV Prices USD

In the way consumers don’t purchase vehicles based on MPG alone, we would never expect anyone to choose an EV based solely on the range. What has become obvious over the maturation of the EV market is the receptivity to a variety of EV model capabilities. The most telling facet of compiling a list of 2017 EV models by range and price is the plethora of consumer choice. Electric vehicle models that can travel anywhere from 60 to 360 Miles. Prices of models that vary from $23,000 to over $100,000. The EV market is a Smörgåsbord for electric adopters. Obviously, range directly correlates to price when looking at options for battery electric. Ultimately, it is the consumer who will choose an EV for their budget and need. What more could we ask for from the free market?

2017 EV Cost per Mile Range

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