2018 Electric Vehicle Range Comparison

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Here we are in 2018, and electric vehicles are growing in popularity like never before. Charging infrastructure is vastly improving, electric vehicle options are increasing, governments incentives are still in place, and vehicle range is quickly improving. All signs are pointing in the right direction.

However, when talking to someone outside of the industry, one of the first questions they ask is, “but do they even go very far?” We all know this as range anxiety. The problem is, people think they drive further in a day than they actually do. According to a study by MIT, 87% of trips made in gasoline cars could have been handled by an EV. As range continues to increase with the nextgen models and charging infrastructure improves, it is only a matter of time until range anxiety disappears.

Tips for increasing your battery electric vehicle (BEV) range

There are many ways to get the most range out of your electric vehicle. Not only will it save you some money, it also saves you from having to charge when it is inconvenient to you. Check out the full article or see the top tips below.

  1. Learn and use driving mode settings
  2. Be kind to your battery
  3. Easy on the accelerator
  4. Coast when possible
  5. Improve climate control habits
  6. Regular Maintenance
  7. Optimize your route
  8. Don’t haul around unnecessary weight
  9. Be brave, you’ve got enough range

BEV Range Infographic

Using the models listed on plugincars, we’ve created an infographic that compares the range of 14 battery electric vehicles available this year in the US. 

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