EVs were always green, now they’re better#EVsAreBetter

Ever dream of what you’d do if you were in charge? We did.

For years we’ve talked about how we would market electric vehicles if we were the marketing king or queen for a day. Finally, we decided to stop kvetching and pretend as though we are in charge. We made five videos promoting EVs the way we see them, EVs are better.

We’ve seen this play out before, why did flat screens beat old CRT TVs? Not because they are more efficient, which they are. They won because they are clearer, more vibrant, bigger, they make the family room look great (remember the old wood TV cabinet).

Yes, yes, electric vehicles are green. We all loved Nissan’s ‘polar bear hug’, it was a great ad for EVs in 2010. Those who bought, bought because EVs are green. But now they’re also better. They’re faster, smoother, more convenient and more fun.

A big thank you to those whose vehicles play a starring role (Wilf, Carter, Aaron, and Mike).

Green is great, but now it’s time to focus on all the reasons why #EVsAreBetter.

Programs for EV owners:

SmartCharge New York

Track your EV stats and get rewards by SmartCharging, earning up to $500/year by shifting charging to off-peak hours and staying clear of summer peak hours.


We’re on a mission to help Canadian utilities provide a better charging experience for EV owners like you.

Early Access to Future SmartCharge Programs

Don’t live in New York or Canada? More programs are coming.  Sign-up to be notified and get early access when new SmartCharge Rewards programs are launched.

Share the #1 reason why #EVsAreBetter.

You spend less time on repairs.

Gas cars are soo last decade.

Start every day with a full tank.

EVs are faster than you think.

Get out of the stone age

FleetCarma is an award winning clean-tech solution provider. The company has provided technology that is critical to the adoption and operation of electric vehicles since 2007. Technology solutions are available for industries key to their vision of sustainable transportation. These include electric utilities, fleet management, environmental sustainability, and vehicle researchers.

FleetCarma has a growing number of programs that provide benefits to EV owners, often supported by utility companies. Generally, these programs provide financial incentives and/or free services for EV owners to charge at times that are best for the grid. In some cases, free services are provided simply so that the utilities can understand natural charging behaviors.