Electric Vehicle and SmartCharging Resources

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2020 EV Driver Insights

2020 EV Driver Survey

Understanding what is driving the behavior of today’s EV driver.

The Geography of EV Charging

Understanding how regional climates impact charging and driving behavior.

Electric vehicle growing pains

Electric vehicles are evolving and up-to-date data is critical for demand-side management.

Addressing barrier to electric vehicle adoption

How electric utilities can help customers overcome barriers to electric vehicle adoption and promote clean transportation.

Charge the North: Results from the world’s largest EV charging study

Answers to the most pressing questions utility companies have related to the impact of electric vehicle charging on the grid.

Electric Vehicle Utility Grid Peak Demand

How electric vehicle charging impacts the grid

A complete overview of the effect of EV adoption on electric utility grids.

Get rewards for charging smarter

Help promote the use of clean transportation and
earn rewards for charging your electric vehicle.

Explore SmartCharge Platform

Everything you need to integrate electric vehicles with the grid. Here’s what you get from a SmartCharge program.