SmartCharge Nashville is planning for wider EV adoption.

Help prepare our city for more electric vehicles.

Potential EV drivers are often worried about range – how far can they drive before needing a charge? Utilities want to prepare the electric system for a future filled with electric vehicles, but wonder what they should do to prepare? SmartCharge Nashville wants to answer these questions and they need you, an EV driver already, to help.

How the program works

Help plan for the adoption of EVs. Participation is fast and easy.

2. Connect

You’ll receive a C2 device which clips into your EV. It’s like a fitness monitor for your car.

3. Charge

Drive and charge as normal. There’s nothing to fill out or report on.

4. Thank You

Stay plugged into the program for the full two years (Until Oct. 2020), and you’ll receive $100.

Why you should join

Join our mission to make EV charging in Nashville more reliable for everyone.

Manage EV charging
Easy, plug-and-play install
Works with all EV models
Real-time reporting dashboards
Monitor all types of charging

Join fellow EV owners in helping plan charging networks.
Let’s make it easier for anyone to get into an electric vehicle.

The FleetCarma C2 device will help Tennessee Valley Authority, Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation and Nashville Electric Service see hotspots for electric vehicle charging. This information is critical in understanding how electric vehicles will affect the entire charging network. The device plugs right into your EV unlocking powerful information about your vehicles charger and battery use, which you’ll be able to see, too.

We’re asking EV owners in Nashville to help pave the way for a more reliable charging network. Will you join us?

– Help build a world-class EV charging network.
– Plug in the C2 device and go, you’re already helping.
– Anonymized data will be used to plan upgrades.

Accurately forecast fleet performance before deployment.
Profile electric vehicle load in your service territory.

It’s like a fitness monitor for your car
You’ll also get access to your EV’s charging data.

Just like your vehicle’s dashboard tells you about your odometer and current battery charge, the online dashboard will provide you with information on vehicle use, performance, charging habits, and energy consumption. You’ll even be able to estimate the amount of greenhouse gases you’re saving by using your EV. It goes without saying that your information is secure, anonymized and private.

– Dashboards of your vehicle’s battery health.
– Calculate the amount of greenhouse gas you’ve helped reduce.
– Monitor EV battery state of health.

Stay in the program and earn
Since you’re doing all the driving, we’ll help pay your fare.

Participants will receive $50 after the first six months of participation and another $50 after one year of participation. The C2 device is discreet and goes unnoticed by most drivers. So the only catch, keeping the C2 plugged in, shouldn’t be a problem.

– Receive $50 each year.
– Get incentives for your participation and support.
– Win, win for driving and charging as usual.

Now is the time to plan for an increase in EV adoption, and you can directly influence what that looks like. In the end, you’ll be creating a better EV experience for everyone in Nashville, including yourself, and helping more people get behind the wheel of an electric vehicle.

Get started

Common questions

You are eligible for this program if you are a customer of either Nashville Electric Service or Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Cooperative, and own or lease a plug-in electric vehicle – either a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle or battery electric vehicle.

We’ll review your application to confirm eligibility. If accepted, we will send you a FleetCarma C2 with instructions for installation and how to activate your C2.

Charging data. Information that can identify you personally will not be made public or given to organizations outside of FleetCarma and your local utility companies.

Installation is simple and instructions will be mailed to you with your C2 device. You can also refer to our setup page for video instructions and troubleshooting. Please contact FleetCarma Support if you need further assistance.

Yes, by signing up for SmartCharge Nashville and receiving your free FleetCarma C2 device, you are agreeing to clip in as soon as possible and remain clipped in until Oct 2020. If you remove the device you may lose the ability to collect the program incentive.

Information that can identify you personally will not be made public or given to organizations outside of FleetCarma and our participating partners. Privacy policy