About FleetCarma

Our mission is to help accelerate the adoption of EVs, and strive to make the ownership experience better.

FleetCarma, A Geotab Company, is an award-winning clean-tech information and technology company that has provided solutions to manage and accelerate the transition to electric vehicles (EVs), since 2007. A robust cloud platform and specialized hardware are at the core of the company’s global product offering.

SmartCharge Rewards – an electric vehicle driver behavioral incentive platform helps electric utility managers mitigate the risk of peak load, and defer infrastructure upgrades while rewarding customers.

SmartCharge Manager – an electric vehicle charge management and peak load reduction platform makes it possible to curtail EV charging, reducing peak-load based on real-time vehicle state-of-charge.

EV Suitability Assessments – a way for fleets to build a compelling case for the adoption of electric vehicles based on vehicle simulation, scientific analysis and a report detailing the projected reduction to cost and greenhouse gas emissions.

Vehicle Research Platform – plug-and-play access to research-grade vehicle data in a scalable and cost-effective platform which can be deployed and monitored remotely.

Fleet Management – designed from the ground up to support the deployment of electric vehicles in a fleet.

FleetCarma manages hundreds of active client engagements around the Globe which include that of electric utilities, municipal and federal governments, military and commercial fleets, and transportation research labs.

FleetCarma’s technology solutions are critical to managing the transition to an electric transportation infrastructure. In short, FleetCarma drives electric vehicle adoption.