Enable clean, reliable and affordable power for all homes by integrating electric vehicles with the grid.

About the team

We care about the environment and we love electric cars. This is what drives us to make driving clean, easy for everyone. We do this by designing the best solutions for electric utilities to understand and manage electric vehicle charging. We create better experiences for drivers to encourage cost-effective, greener and smarter charging. Together we’ll make it possible to drive and charge clean in a way that makes everyone smile.

SmartCharge Rewards Earn rewards for charging your electric vehicle.

FleetCarma, a division of Geotab

Our award-winning team has been designing software and hardware to accelerate the transition to zero-emission vehicles since 2007. At the core of our solutions is an IOT, connected car device, and a global cloud platform. Together, we’ve pioneered technology and processes critical for utilities to manage the growth of electric vehicle charging load.

Meet our team

Matt Stevens
Vice President, Electric Vehicles

Chris Mendes

Chris Mendes
Vice President, Electric Vehicles

Eric Mallia

Eric Mallia
General Manager and VP of Sales

Mark Goody
Partner Account Manager, Utility Solutions

Scott Lepold
Partner Account Manager, EV Utility Programs

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This tool estimates the total unmanaged load from Electric Vehicle charging in a service territory based on the information provided. To understand the annual value of managing EV charging load in your service territory and to use our advanced calculator, select 'request report'.
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Total EVs in the program