We help drive EVs forward

Our mission is to help accelerate the adoption of EVs, and strive to make the ownership experience better.

FleetCarma is an award-winning Cleantech Information and Communications Technology company, with connected vehicle products and services that have been enabling the adoption of plug-in electric vehicles since 2007.

Our clients use our world-class EV modelling technology to scale their fleet with confidence, our EV monitoring system to optimize EV fleet deployments or conduct EV research, and our smart charging system to help manage peak loads and facilitate EV smart grid initiatives.

For utilities, this means engaging key stakeholders to increase EV uptake and running smart charging programs with real-time battery state-of-charge data.

For fleets, this means increasing the productivity of your fleet with GPS tracking and automated odometer reporting, along with running a more efficient maintenance program with automated alerts.

For leasing companies, this means monitoring the EVs after deployment to ensure they’re being utilized effectively.

For researchers, this means accessing hard-to-get data for all your vehicles with a plug-and-play solution.

With more than 150 clients and deployments in 23 different countries, we’re committed to accelerating the adoption of EVs and ensuring that the ownership experience is a positive one.

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