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Eric Mallia

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We care about the environment and we love electric cars. This is what drives us to make driving clean, easy for everyone. We do this by designing the best solutions for electric utilities to understand and manage electric vehicle charging. We create better experiences for drivers to encourage cost-effective, greener and smarter charging. Together we’ll make it possible to drive and charge clean in a way that makes everyone smile.

Eric Mallia

General Manager and Vice President of Sales

Eric plays a key role in FleetCarma as the General Manager and Vice President of Sales. He spends the majority of his time supporting the partner account team interacting with clients and ensuring that the vision of SmartCharge Platform aligns with the needs of utility companies. As one of the original employees, Eric has helped craft the FleetCarma’s team, priorities, and product offerings. He is a long time advocate for the electric vehicle industry as a whole and is a spokesperson for the necessity of properly managing EV load. He is a published author on energy management and green fleet topics in the International Journal of Life Cycle Assessments, Municipal World Magazine, Fleet Maintenance Magazine, and the National Post.

Eric obtained a Masters of Environmental Studies from the University of Waterloo, where he also worked as an energy efficiency research analyst and an outreach coordinator for The EcoCAR challenge: a US Department of Energy sponsored Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition. It was during this time that he was first exposed to electric vehicles. Eric is now a proud owner of Tesla Model 3, which is a bit of a step up from what he drove in the past. “My first car was a 1987 Ford Mustang which I bought for $50 when I was in University,” reflects Eric. “I probably spent another $150 just to get it running but it was a fun car and had a lot of personality.” As he learned about EVs he became an early advocate and knew that one day he would own one. When it finally came time to buy one, he knew he wanted a Tesla. “The Model 3 represents everything I wanted in a car,” says Eric. “It’s innovative, fun to drive, and there is pride that comes with driving an emission-free vehicle. My kids think it is the coolest car on the road and I think it shows that kids of this generation will be inspired to drive electric as they grow up.”

The growth of the EV market and its role for utilities

There is no doubt in Eric’s mind that the EV market is going to continue to grow. Although companies like Tesla are breaking boundaries, he sees how traditional manufacturers are now shifting focus and are creating their own electric versions. “As electric vehicles become more common, the more comfortable people will become with them,” says Eric. “After a few road trips, I completely got over any concerns I might have had. DC fast charging stations are so easy to use, the Model 3 suggests where you should stop, and even gives you information about nearby restaurants and amenities.” But it’s not just the drivers who will benefit from EVs as Eric repeatedly evaluates the potential for utility companies as well. Electric transportation provides electric utilities with new opportunities to interact with their customers and each company will be able to reap other rewards depending on their territory. The make-up of rural versus urban driving, and how they incorporate renewable energy and over-generation will shape their unique EV load growth and load management opportunities.

Outside of Work

Eric spends most of his personal time doing various activities with his wife and kids. Whether it’s coaching t-ball, visiting the market, or going rock climbing everything is about having fun together as a family. He is a big sports fan enjoying hockey, baseball, and basketball (in that order). He loves to drive his Model 3 and one day hopes to author a children’s book.

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