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We care about the environment and we love electric cars. This is what drives us to make driving clean, easy for everyone. We do this by designing the best solutions for electric utilities to understand and manage electric vehicle charging. We create better experiences for drivers to encourage cost-effective, greener and smarter charging. Together we’ll make it possible to drive and charge clean in a way that makes everyone smile.

Scott Lepold

Partner Account Manager, EV Utility Programs

Scott works with utility companies to help drive the adoption of electric vehicles and their integration into the grid as a Partner Account Manager at FleetCarma, a division of GEOTAB. He helps them better understand the makeup of their EV ecosystem and shows them the value of managing EV load.

Scott obtained a Master’s Degree in Management Science from the University of Waterloo, a program that is the study of problem solving and decision-making in organizations, with strong links to economics, business, engineering, and other sciences. This background, in combination with an undergraduate in Environment and Business from the University of Waterloo, enables Scott to objectively view problems from multiple standpoints. He has learned that EVs affect every territory differently and each utility has a unique set of challenges. “The industry is still evolving and you need to be flexible to adapt to the changing conditions,” says Scott.

The future impact of the electric vehicles

Where is the EV market heading? “It’s going mainstream,” says Scott, “more OEMs are becoming involved and with the increased mandates for zero emission vehicles it is only a matter of time.” Not only will the total number of EVs increase but the amounts of energy they will consume will as well. This can create challenges for utilities as long-range BEVs can cause disruption issues on local transformers now and will become more common as adoption continues. That is why Scott works together with the rest of the FleetCarma team to help utilities determine where these issues will occur and address them in a variety of ways. “These disruptions affect everyone, not just EV drivers.”

Outside of Work

When he is not helping shape the evolving EV landscape Scott enjoys numerous true Canadian past-times such as playing pickup hockey and escaping to a cottage in the Great Lakes with friends and family. He also plays the guitar, is a blood donor and volunteers for KW Oktoberfest, the largest Bavarian festival in North America.

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