British Columbia Extends Electric Vehicle Incentive Program

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electric vehicle incentives

CEV for BC

On December 1st 2011 the Clean Energy Vehicles (CEV) for BC incentive program was created. The program was designed to encourage the people of British Columbia to purchase an alternative fuel vehicle.  The program was set to expire on March 31st of this year, However we are happy to announce that the incentive has been extended an extra year!

Incentives are important to the mainstream adoption of clean energy vehicles such as the fully electric Nissan Leaf. The incentive gets the product into the hands of the early adopters who can then champion the technology for the rest of the population. The extension of the program clearly shows that the BC government is committed to the mainstream adoption of alternative fuel vehicles.

“Extension of the purchase incentive, along with the on-going rollout of public charging stations in BC are making plug-in vehicles and even more appealing option to BC residents. This is a strong example of how the BC government is keeping more dollars and jobs in the province by helping people fill up their vehicles with home- grown BC energy.” –Matt Stevens (Electric Mobility Canada Chairman)

Everyone here at FleetCarma is excited that the program has been extended in one of the Canadian hotbeds for alternative fuel vehicles, and wish it continued success in the following year.

You can learn more about the program on its official site here

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