Where does Canada Stand with Electric Vehicles?

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Electric CanadaWith the barbecues and fireworks of Canada Day behind us, it seems like a good time to take a look at Canada’s status with hybrid and electric vehicles.  How are Canadians greening their fleets, and do they have support from within the government to pursue high efficiency vehicles?

With over 3000 electric vehicles sold in Canada, Canadians are plugging in albeit cautiously.

Canada boasts a number of resources for businesses or individuals looking to electrify.  Professional not-for profit organizations such as Electric Mobility Canada, online Facebook groups, and associations for individuals provide education and support for EV owners, or those considering making the purchase.

Federally, the Canadian government does not have any incentive programs available for those wishing to purchase electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.  Several provinces have incentive programs that provide rebates for those purchasing an EV, or the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) that they require to charge it.


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Hydro-Quebec oversaw the installation of the Electric Circuit, a charging station network available to the public.  The charging stations were supported by a tax credit provided by the Quebec government.  A provincial government program for individuals provides up to $8,000 towards the purchase or lease of eligible vehicles.

British Columbia:

British Columbia encourages electric vehicle adoption through its Clean Energy Vehicles incentive program.  The program provides up to $5000 at the point of sale for electric vehicles, and a $500 rebate for residential charger installations.

BC is also home to the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association, which promotes the use of electric vehicles and provides its members with resources and education.

British Columbia also supported a more robust charging network with the Plug-in BC Community Charging Infrastructure Fund, which saw the installation of over 450 charging stations installed at public locations across the province.


Ontario has a rebate for electric vehicles that offers $5000-$8500 towards the purchase of a plug-in vehicle depending upon the level of electrification.

Complimentary to the vehicle rebate, the Ontario government also provides an incentive for electric vehicle charging stations.  This rebate provides $1000 or 50% of the cost for the charger.

Ontario is also home to Plug’n Drive, a not for profit which helps educate the public about EVs.  Plug’n Drive helps to organize events where people can test drive electric vehicles and learn more about charging and driving an EV.

Overall, Canada is full of interested groups participating in the shift to electrify transportation.  As these groups continue to work with each other and with Canadians , the choice for an individual or fleet to electrify will become easier.

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