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We’re supporting the rapid adoption of clean transportation.

The automotive industry is at an exciting crossroads where traditional fuel-based powertrains are transitioning to plug-in electric and the internet of things has crept into all aspects of daily driving. New climate change targets are demanding innovative and clean alternatives to conventional vehicles on the road today. FleetCarma has a front row seat to all of these exciting changes and is playing a large role in the adoption of plug-in vehicles across the globe.

FleetCarma has developed the world’s only electric vehicle monitoring and control platform which uses vehicle data and metrics to drive intelligent and impactful decisions for fleets and individuals. On any given day FleetCarma’s development garage will be filled with the latest electric vehicles: Model S’s, Volt’s, Leafs and the more than 30 other plug-in vehicles that are supported by our products.

We’re a little unusual

  • Opportunities to test drive new electric vehicles
  • Free charging if you already drive an EV.
  • An extremely low turnover rate (1.5% since we started 10 years ago).
  • Focused on the long-term and treat people accordingly.
  • Regular foosball and ping-pong matches to break up the day.
  • A hydraulic car lift and a full hardware prototyping shop.
  • A small and growing team, your input will shape our journey.

We’re seeking talented individuals that are motivated to innovate and succeed within a fast paced growing technology company.

We’re always hiring, so take a look at our job openings below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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