Plugging in Fleet Vehicles: How Charging Behavior is Impacting the Grid and Fleet Operations [New Webinar]

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ev_chargingCharging is a huge component of electric vehicle (EV) ownership.  Before purchasing an EV, you need to know if you have enough time to charge and the right equipment to meet your needs and budget.  Is it worth the expense for a Level 2 charger? When will the vehicle be able to charge in your common usage patterns and how much time will it need?

By taking a subset of data from the FleetCarma database, we have evaluated over 400 real-world vehicles in fleet operations to provide insights into how fleets are currently charging their EVs and the implications this has for fleets considering plug-in vehicles for the future.  This investigation evaluated how current charging behaviors affect the financial side of owning an EV, and how effectively managing EV charging can minimize the costs and maximize vehicle utilization and availability.

But, we did more.  We deliver the goods on the charging profiles for various makes and models.  How is the Chevrolet Volt being commonly charged?  How would that differ from the Nissan Leaf?  How do these differences impact fleet operations and what is worth knowing before you buy any of these vehicles?

Fleet EV Impact on Grid

As a bonus, we’ve prepared preliminary analysis relating to how vehicles that plug into the grid impact those that are managing our electrical system.  When are peak loads from these vehicles and how does that differ from Level 1 charging to Level 2 charging?  The answer may surprise you.

And, finally, how can smarter charging and collaboration between fleet operators and grid operators create a win-win for both those parties?

This discussion has traditionally surrounded individual EV owners and often suggests that most electric vehicles will be plugging in once the vehicle is home for the day – mainly at night.  Looking at night time charging tells only half of the story.  So far in the EV landscape, we have learned that fleet vehicles are utilized very differently than personal vehicles, so fleet operators need to understand the implications of those differences.

We will be presenting this information at an upcoming webinar on Monday, January 21, 2013 at 2:00 EST.  If you’re interested in learning more, we invite you to join us for this free, live webinar by visiting our webinar registration page.

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