City of Prince George: Turning Over a New Leaf

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City of Prince George Today July 27, 2012, the City of Prince George will unveil their brand new Nissan Leaf. The Leaf will be a shared electric vehicle amongst the city, Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, UNBC, and Northern Health. The different organizations are looking to discover first-hand the potential benefits of an all-electric vehicle.

“We knew we wanted an all-electric vehicle with zero emissions to add to our fleet,” says Terry Hawkes, Supervisor of Fleet Programs at the City of Prince George. “I’ve been driving the leaf since last Thursday and it’s even more than I expected. What a great car – I’m sure our vehicle operators will love it!”

The city has previously used gasoline-electric hybrids but this is the first time they have introduced a 100% electric vehicle into their fleet. The step from hybrid to pure electric vehicles is a big one, and the City of Prince George has embraced it well. This acquisition is only part the city’s green fleet strategic plan which will be funding similar projects in the future after it had its $142,000 budget approved in April.

FleetCarma is excited to work with the City of Prince George and appreciate their decision to use a FleetCarma’s C5 logger to track key metrics on their Nissan Leaf.

“Logging data on electric vehicles is much trickier than logging data on more conventional vehicles,” says Eric Mallia, Business Manager at FleetCarma. “standard logging devices used in the past don’t have the capability of monitoring battery state of charge, electricity consumption and charging events. This is why municipalities and other fleet operators like the City of Prince George are using FleetCarma’s C5 logger. It’s the only one that was designed and built for EVs.”

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The data they collect on battery state of charge, charging behaviors and emissions reductions will allow the city to assess the vehicle’s performance and prepare them for strategic fleet electrification going forward. Measuring the in-use performance of vehicle assets is one of the most important parts of a comprehensive green fleet strategy as it allows fleet operators to maximize the benefits of high-efficient vehicles while validating their purchases to management and city council.

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