City of Toronto Fleet Promotes Sarah Gingrich, a True Carma Master

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Young Superhero

Our best guess of Sarah as a child.

It’s great when you see talented people get promoted.

And that’s what has happened with the City of Toronto promoting Sarah Gingrich.

Last month Sarah went from being a Business Development & Improvement Analyst to being the Manager of Fleet Safety, Training & Business Planning. I’ve had the personal fortune to work with Sarah on a number of projects over the past few years.

Fleet Services and its partners have continually focused on identifying and deploying technologies that provide both economic and environmental benefits; saving Toronto taxpayers both money and emissions.

In one project in particular, the City has been logging electric vehicles (EVs) and conventional vehicles (ICE) in similar roles to identify the real-world benefits or drawbacks of EVs. The project is showing a 10x reduction in real-world energy consumption for the EV, a number that definitely surpassed my personal expectations. In that particular deployment, the results are clearly a City fleet that is moving toward being both green (reduced emissions and energy) and green (reduced costs).

So here at FleetCarma we’re raising the figurative glass to congratulate Sarah and celebrate the City of Toronto for an excellent decision.

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