City of Ottawa Wins Green Fleet Award

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On Thursday, June 21st, leading fleet operators, vehicle OEMs and others in the fleet industry gathered in Niagara Region for the annual two day Green Fleet Expo.  At the conference the City of Ottawa received the Expo’s annual Green Fleet Award, presented by Fleet Challenge Ontario.

Ottawa was presented the award in part for the development of a comprehensive green fleet plan which was kick started last September with the introduction of their first electric vehicle, a 2012 Chevrolet Volt.

“The introduction of the Volt at the City of Ottawa was a team effort involving individuals from many different Fleet Services sections.  Much care was taken to ensure a choice that would enthuse the drivers.  All the comments we have received indicate mission accomplished.  We aimed to make it easy to go electric and it looks like we have succeeded” says Yvan Lupien, Manager of Fleet Services at the City of Ottawa.

The City continues to look at various opportunities to responsibly green their fleet with vehicle technologies that are best suited for their unique needs to reduce their costs, fuel and emissions.  To learn more about the workshops during the conference sessions or to review the key highlights from this year’s Green Fleet Expo, check out: What we need to know from the Green Fleet Expo.


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