Coming Together to Fuel Sustainable Change

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NGV Forum group shot

During the first week of April, ARI had the privilege of attending the Natural Gas Vehicle Initiative Forum hosted by our customer, Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc. as well as Whitetail Natural Gas Services. With the Marcellus Shale representing one of the world’s largest energy reserves, Pennsylvania is understandably focusing on natural gas as a foundation for a sustainable transportation strategy.

The roundtable event attracted an impressive list of natural gas stakeholders (public, private, and non-profit) with two shared goals in mind – how to build a statewide natural gas vehicle fueling infrastructure, and how to increase utilization of natural gas vehicles.  

As I looked around the room at the variety of organizations and interests represented, I realized that the forum approach is an excellent roadmap to making expedited change actually happen. The group setting provided an opportunity for stakeholders to talk through challenges and realistic ways to overcome those challenges through collaboration

Barb Sexton, Chesapeake Energy

This model for making sustainable transportation a reality goes beyond natural gas, and beyond Pennsylvania. It’s a model that can be applied to any type of alternative fuel in any geographic location where stakeholders are willing to work together to make change happen.

What are your thoughts? Have you had the opportunity to be part of a group initiative to effect change? What was your experience?

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