Connecticut Clean Fleet Accelerator 2018

Reduce costs and GHG emissions while increasing fuel efficiency.

  • Benchmark fleet performance
  • Find opportunities to improve driver behaviour and safety
  • Right-size and increase utilization of existing assets
  • Build a low-carbon vehicle transition plan
  • Evaluate fleet performance on an annual basis
  • Trial fleet management software

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Uncover hidden opportunities to improve your fleet operations.

Reduce fuel consumption fleet emissions

Find your fleets hidden strengths and weaknesses by benchmarking performance.

Leverage real-world fleet data to optimize your fleet. After all, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

  • Calculate fuel consumption intensity
  • Improve driver behaviour and safety
  • Calculate fleet GHG emissions
  • Identify under and over utilized assets
  • Calculate the total cost of ownership and savings opportunities
telematics data ghg analysis reporting

Transition to a low-carbon fleet without sacrificing performance.

Future-proof your fleet by identifying opportunities to introduce electric vehicles and clean transportation practices.

  • Model the operational suitability of EV adoption
  • Calculate lifetime ROI of transitioning to low-carbon vehicles
  • Measure the potential reduction in fuel and GHG emissions
  • Determine electric vehicle charging requirements
  • Leverage patented EV powertrain modeling software
fleet sustainability electric vehicle budget cost

Trial fleet management software at no additional cost.

Monitor and report fleet performance metrics on a regular basis to ensure an efficient operation.

  • Real-time fleet snapshot
  • Fleet-wide health reports
  • Individual trip logs
  • Daily and monthly summary reports
  • GPS is optional and can be disabled

Learn about our mission to green Connecticut fleets.
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Strategies for municipalities to improve vehicle efficiency

This guide explains that vehicle efficiency will not result in reduced fuel spend but will also reduce emissions, make your vehicles safer to operate and reduce costs associated with vehicle maintenance.