"We've gone from a mindset that thought we can never afford to adopt electric vehicles to a mindset that believes we can't afford not to."

Jim Gudjonson
Director of Environmental Sustainability
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City of Oakville

“Using the FleetCarma system to collect data from our existing fleet helped us model the capabilities of EVs in our applications and to build the business case with our management team. It was really a no brainer after that.”

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Suzanne Madder
Research Policy Analyst
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Telematics. Electric vehicles. FleetCarma.

We’ve monitored thousands of vehicles across 23 countries, 5 continents, and numerous industries.

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Fleets with EVs

If you manage a fleet and are looking to reduce operating costs & emissions, we should talk. We help fleets strategically adopt electric vehicles, plan charging infrastructure, and maximize EV ROI once deployed.

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From increasing EV adoption with your commercial fleet customers to running smart grid demand-response initiatives, we help provide data that’s focused on driving action.

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We know the pain of spending 70% of your time obtaining data and only 30% actually analyzing it. Our turn-key platform is aimed at removing the headaches and helping you do what you do best: making discoveries.

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Leasing Companies

Whether you need accurate kWh data for home-charging driver repayment, or to increase the EV-use fraction in plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, our platform can provide the data necessary in helping you achieve your business objectives.

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EV Taxis and Delivery Fleets

Your innovative initiative finds you managing tens, hundreds, or even thousands of electric vehicles. We provide a platform that works across all makes & models, providing real-time insights and allowing you to optimize your deployments.

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Electric Powertrain Manufacturers

Developing an electric powertrain from the ground up is not a trivial undertaking. Our platform can help feed rich performance data back to the engineering teams, and keep you ahead of the competition.

Case Study

Shift Your Ride With New Brunswick Power

Learn about how FleetCarma helped NB Power with an engagement program for commercial clients to demonstrate the value of strategically placed electric vehicles.

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