How New Brunswick Powers ‘Shift your ride’ program cut fuel use, emissions and cost.

New Brunswick Power partners with FleetCarma to create an electric vehicle migration road map.

Building a business case for fleet migration to electric vehicles.

How several municipalities made the case to go electric.

FleetCarma played a crucial role in the success of the ‘shift your ride’ program by providing the technology (plug-and-play telematics device) and the assessment (Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment). The data collected and analyzed by FleetCarma revealed the potential for a 94% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, a fleet-wide savings of over $1 million.

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“[FleetCarma] provided us with details on a key sample of our fleet, revealing new information that can help shape future decision making around vehicle renewal options. If we are to be sustainable, we must constantly look for new and better ways to do things.”

– Brad Woodside, Mayor of Fredericton, NB

Defining the environmental and economic value of EVs in New Brunswick

New Brunswick is a small province relative to most others in Canada, both in terms of geography and population (about 747,000 according to the 2016 census). For the Shift your Ride program to be successful, NB Power needed buy-in, investment and partnership support from companies, institutions, and government entities at the federal, provincial and municipal levels.

To garner these partnerships, and to champion EVs and related charging infrastructure, NB Power needed to understand the benefits of potential cost savings on a per-vehicle basis, and fleet-wide realistic estimates on the reduction in fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

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The primary components of the ‘Shift your Ride’ program include:

  1. The evaluation of electric vehicle technology and programs to support electric charging infrastructure in businesses, communities and homes.
  2. Engage and Inform New Brunswickers on the economic and environmental benefits of electric vehicles.
  3. A Fleet Review Service to allow municipalities and organizations to determine a business case and suitability of integrating electric vehicles into their fleets.
Sample electric vehicle suitability report

Building the business case for electric vehicle adoption.

FleetCarma conducted assessments for NB Power and its municipal partners across New Brunswick.

These assessments were not only valuable in terms of defining the value of the fleet migrations to BEV and PHEV vehicles. They also accelerated shifts in the understanding of the viability of electric vehicles to meet the demands of municipal government and a public utility in Atlantic Canada.

The assessment conducted by FleetCarma had the objective of engaging fleet managers, sustainability professionals, and senior executives in a process which required little effort or involvement for the participants yet delivered reliable data analysis for their operational decision making. The process involved the use of the FleetCarma telematics device to wirelessly record vehicle driving behavior to accurately sampling vehicle fleet duty cycles.

FleetCarma EVSA

“We want to help make electric vehicles a smart clean choice for New Brunswickers. Our Smart Grid Vision means investing in technologies that help us integrate additional clean, renewable energy onto our grid and put off investing in building fossil-fuel based generation. More EVs on the road ultimately translate to lower costs for NB Power and stable rates for customers in the long run.”

– Gaëtan Thomas, President and CEO of NB Power

Proof EVs reduce costs, improve ROI and provide green benefits.

New opportunities and challenges have arisen as a result of the increased adoption of electric vehicles for electric utilities, fleets, municipalities and consumers alike.

NB Power, along with public / private partners have been able to prove the financial and environmental benefits of electric vehicle adoption. Electric Vehicles continue to become increasingly viable choices for fleets and consumers alike. Advances in the technology, government incentives, and building of public charging infrastructure have contributed to the increased adoption and sales of electric cars.

FleetCarma supports the adoption of electric vehicles by providing the technology and services required to evaluate the feasibility, plan for the adoption, and support the operation of electric vehicles. Contact us to discuss ways to achieve your municipal, fleet, and utility related vehicle and EV goals.

The FleetCarma EVSA findings concluded:

  • 94% of the vehicle duty-cycles could be met by the charging-time spans of (best-matched) EVs.
  • 91% of vehicle range requirements could be met by (best-matched) electric vehicles.
  • A potential reduction in fuel consumption of 95%*
  • A reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 94% (2,123,710 kg of CO2)*
  • Per vehicle savings estimate of $11,735*
  • Potential fleet-wide savings estimate of $1,091,298*

* Over a vehicle’s typical seven-year service life.

Find out how the ‘Shift your ride’ program cut fuel use, emissions and cost.

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