Plug In BC program tests EV suitability for more than 120 fleet applications

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Summary report cover for Electric Vehicle Fleet Modelling Project, completed in February 2014, showing the partnership of Fraser Basin Council, Plug in BC, and FleetCarma

A Summary Report provides further detail on the program and results.
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As part of the Plug In BC program, Fraser Basin Council and FleetCarma, with funding made available from the Ministry of Environment in British Columbia, have completed an innovative electric vehicle (EV) adoption program with nine fleet operators in the province of B.C.

The purpose of the program was to provide an EV suitability assessment service to help fleets make the business and environmental case for electric vehicle adoption. This comprehensive fleet analysis performed by FleetCarma, informs organizational decision making in terms of the ability to cost-effectively integrate electric vehicles into specific fleet needs and duty cycles.

The project involved Fraser Basin Council recruiting interested fleet partners with the aim to closely analyze and match fleet requirements and future needs with the capabilities and recommended uses of various electric vehicle makes and models.  The EV suitability assessment technology and process provided by FleetCarma starts with data logging current fleet vehicles and then uses data collected every second to ‘drive’ virtual plug-in vehicles models and simulate various EV adoption scenarios for fleet managers.  The FleetCarma data logger is a simple-to-install device, about the size of your thumb, that easily clips on to the vehicle’s diagnostics port.  The entire logging and modeling process took about one month and the end result was a series of online reports on the business case for plug-in vehicles in each of the existing duty cycles throughout the fleet portfolio.  In the end, this EV modelling tool rapidly determined which particular EV make and model would be (i) range and charge capable for each driver in the fleet, and (ii) the most cost-effective EV to replace the existing vehicle from a total life-cycle cost perspective.

The FleetCarma EV Suitability Assessment Technology and Process

FleetCarma EV modelling process graphic: Showing step 1, data logging current ICE vehicles, image shoes a FleetCarma data logger clipping into the OBDII port on the vehicle. Step 2: Test your duty cycle data in FleetCarma EV Computer Models, assess: Will EV be capable of the job, Will they save the fleet money? Step 3: Modeling results are reported in a user friendly web portal including a ranking of the best fit EV for each duty cycle examined, the results are characterized displaying range and charge capability and comparative costs so a TCO analysis can be competed








The Fleet Partners

This program included a wide-variety of fleet operators including large, medium, and small municipal fleets, including an airport, private companies, transit and harbour authorities, and university campuses.  The following is a list of the nine participating fleets in this program in 2013.

  • BC Transit
  • City of Victoria
  • Great Victoria Harbour Authority
  • Thompson Rivers University
  • Town of Ladysmith
  • University of British Columbia
  • Van Houtte Coffee Inc.
  • Vancouver International Airport
  • Village of Burns Lake

A summary of the program results are available in this 3-page whitepaper, available for download here.

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