Electric Vehicle Sales In Canada, November 2017

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Canadian plug-in electric vehicle sales in November totaled 1,938, that’s an impressive 51% increase over November of 2016. It does represent a normal market cooldown, a 12% drop off from October. Cumulative annual electric vehicle sales in November of 2016 totaled 10,000. This year that number is approximately 17,000 EVs, that’s a 67% increase in year to date sales. Of the plug-in electric vehicles sold in November, 892 were fully-electric battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and 1,046 were plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (pHEVs).

Year-over-year plug-in EV sales, Canada - November 2017

Numbers to remember:

  • The total number of plug-in EVs in Canada has now passed 46,000.
  • Ontario has the highest increase in EV adoption rates of 110% YOY.
  • Quebec EV market share has increased from 1.4% this time last year to 2.1%.

November, Provincial Electric Vehicle Sales
At a provincial level, the rate of electric vehicle adoption varies, the majority of EVs being deployed in Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia. For November, Ontario has led with 830 new BEV and pHEVs sold. Quebec follows in second position with 770 new sales. British Columbia ranks in third place with 260 new vehicle sales. The remaining Provinces account for a mere 80 electric vehicle sales.

Quarterly plug-in EV sales by Province - November 2017

To-date cumulative EV sales
The total number of electric vehicles on the road in Canada is estimated to be around 46,000 vehicles. Of the 46,000 vehicles, half (24,000) are fully-electric BEVs and 22,000 are plug-in hybrids. For contrast, the total number of EVs on the road this time last year was somewhere around 28,000. So, a year later and that number has increased by nearly 18,000 vehicles or by 61%. Provincial cumulative totals see Quebec in the lead with 20,000 plug-in electric vehicles (pEVs) on the road. A narrowing margin sees Ontario’s cumulative total at 16,000 pEVs on the road. British Columbia follows in third place with 8,300 pEVs cruising around.

Electric vehicle market share
Comparing electric vehicle sales to the national and provincial total vehicle market presents a more accurate picture of the growing popularity of electric vehicles. The total electric vehicle market comprises approximately 1.2% of total vehicle sales for the nation (calculated on a trailing 3-month average). Provincially, Quebec leads with a 2.1% market share, an increase from 1.4% this time last year. British Columbia and Ontario follow with 1.7% and 1.1% market shares respectively.

Market share average EV Canada - November 2017

Summary and predictions
November has seen sales numbers slump a bit, we were expecting that. What we are noticing is that this seasonal slump comes later each year. In 2013, the market cooled after August. 2014 and 2015 sales dropped off after September. In 2016, October set a record high before the market cooled. The 2017 market cooling was minor and later than in any previous year. A great way to close out a record year.

Canadian Monthly EV Sales forecast - November 2017

With the 2017 year-end number only a month away, predictions for annual totals become easier to make. For the end of 2017, we should see total plug-in EV sales at 18,000, an increase of 65% of 2016. Battery electrics (BEVs) are catching on as they lead in pEV sales, 9,500 an increase of 85%. pHEVs are expected to total 8,700 vehicles and an increase of 48%. Provincially, Ontario looks as if it will have the single highest increase in the rate of sales, a 110% increase (7,200 total vehicles) over 2016 sales (6,500 vehicles). British Columbia and Quebec will follow with increased sales rates of 50% and 45% respectively. It’s been a great month and a great year for Electric Vehicle sales, next month we’ll have the 2017 complete year-end summary.

Annual Canadian BEV and PHEV Sales by Province - November 2017

Common questions:
What is the source of the data?
IHS, formerly R.L. Polk & Company registration data.
Matthew Klippenstein’s Canadian EV sales: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1dLFJwZVdvNLRpmZqPznlzz6PB9eHMe5b-bai_ddRsNg/edit#gid=25
Statistics Canada, new motor vehicle sales: http://www5.statcan.gc.ca/cansim/a26?lang=eng&retrLang=eng&id=0790003&paSer=&pattern=&stByVal=1&p1=1&p2=37&tabMode=dataTable&csid=
What does the registration data include?
Registration data includes new vehicle sales, and vehicles bought out of Province or Country.
How accurate are these numbers?
We make every effort to ensure the accuracy of these numbers and reserve the right to update historical figures based on new data.

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