Reduce Fleet Costs, Fuel Use and Increase Efficiency, All According to Plan

Accurately forecast fleet performance before deployment.

Will an EV be able to perform the required tasks in my fleet?

The FleetCarma Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment (EVSA) is designed to improve the effectiveness of fleet operators and sustainability managers. We collect high-quality vehicle-side data to analyze and run efficiency diagnostics to produce a final report. This report lets fleet operators forecast the effects of their decisions. It also supports budgetary decisions by accurately forecasting ROI. After conducting hundreds of assessments for thousands of vehicles, we know how to find hidden savings in automotive fleets. Let us show you how.

  • Evaluate multi-year procurement plans, tailored to your fleet
  • Show clear cost comparisons based on an independent audit
  • Forecast the reduction of GHGs based on possible fleet compositions
  • We’re here to ensure that the straightforward assessment is a success

Full-fleet tracking

Get data from your fleet, including GPS tracking, odometer, DTC alerts and fuel consumption.

Reduce operating costs

Reduce total cost of ownership by procuring hybrid and electric vehicles which are suited for your fleet.

Cut GHG emissions

Build a multi-year sustainability plan with clarity, and measure fleet performance over time.

Get Stakeholder Buy-In with Greater Ease
Base vehicle procurement decisions
on conclusive data.

By gaining a complete understanding of your fleet’s performance, you’ll be able to create multi-year procurement plans with absolute confidence. You’ll also have the resources required to present a straightforward and well-researched strategy. This makes it easier to gain support for your decisions, no matter the stakeholder’s experience or background. Simply, the data doesn’t lie.

FleetCarma’s EVSA will make it possible to:

  • Understand total cost of ownership per vehicle
  • Forecast fleet wide cost of operation and savings
  • Evaluate multi-year procurement plans, tailored to your fleet
  • Show clear cost comparisons based on an independent audit
fleet sustainability electric vehicle budget cost
Reduce fuel consumption fleet emissions

Reduce Costs, Fuel Consumption and
Increase Efficiency
Automatically target opportunities
with detailed telematics data.

With all of these decisions, how will you know which ones are best? That’s a good question, and our analysis will allow you to explore the results of each decision before committing to it. For example, if you’re considering purchasing new vehicles, our analysis will show you how much you can expect to spend over the lifetime of the vehicle. You can also calculate the total fleet reduction of greenhouse gases, other noxious gases, and air-contaminating particles for different vehicle models.

Target improvements based on your EVSA report:

  • Fleet right-sizing through targeting inefficient use of assets
  • Ensure operational efficiency so you know each vehicle will perform
  • Forecast the reduction of GHGs based on possible fleet compositions

Plan Your Fleet with Greater Clarity
Monitor your vehicles for insights
that lead to better decisions.

With a plan tailored for your organization’s fleet, you’ll know exactly how to realize real-world gains. The data we gather is based on your existing fleet vehicles and is used to virtually test-drive multiple vehicles. Based on these results, and input from your fleet, we’ll accurately project factors such as total cost of ownership over the life of that vehicle. This is a highly accurate method of predicting vehicle and fleet performance before deployment. Also, with government regulations on vehicle emissions increasing, your plan will help you monitor, plan, and prove compliance.

We tailor assessments to each customer’s needs. No two fleets are alike.

  • High-quality data builds vehicle profiles with one-second intervals
  • Virtually test-drive replacement vehicles to ensure an exact fit
  • Pinpoint the most efficient vehicle deployment for your fleet
telematics data ghg analysis reporting

There’s No Need to Sort Through
Telematics Data Alone
We’re here to help you review the findings
and achieve your goals.

We’ll suggest efficiency improvements based on your input and our experience. We’ll advise on your options to get the results that you need, but only after we ensure you understand everything your vehicles are telling you. We act as third-party auditors and advisors for efficient, effective fleet deployments. All decisions are based on your needs, and you get the final say.

In addition, you can look forward to excellent support and service:

  • New technology often brings uncertainty, this is true for EVs
  • We’re here to ensure that the straightforward assessment is a success
  • We walk through the findings with you so that you become the expert
  • Your input guides our recommendations and advice
The all-in-one telematics platform with predictive analytics for smart EV adoption.

ROI so good, it’ll make you smile

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“[FleetCarma] provided us with details on a key sample of our fleet, revealing new information that can help shape future decision making around vehicle renewal options.”

– Brad Woodside, Mayor of Fredericton, NB

 “Our Smart Grid Vision means investing in technologies that help us integrate additional clean, renewable energy onto our grid and put off investing in building fossil-fuel based generation.”

– Gaëtan Thomas, President and CEO of NB Power

“Using FleetCarma to collect data from our fleet helped us model the capabilities of EVs in our applications and to build the business case with our management team. It was really a no brainer after that.”

– Suzanne Madder, Research Policy Analyst

Find out how the ‘Shift your ride’ program cut fuel use, emissions and cost.

NB Power partners with FleetCarma to create an EV migration road map.

FleetCarma played a crucial role in the success of the ‘shift your ride’ program by providing the technology (plug-and-play telematics device) and the assessment (Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment). The data collected and analyzed by FleetCarma revealed the potential for a 94% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, a fleet-wide savings of over $1 million.

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