Electric Vehicles in Toronto – Highlights from 16 Fleets (TAF report)

 In CEO's Corner

TAF just released an excellent report highlighting the experiences of 16 Toronto fleets as they started to adopt electric vehicles (EVs) as part of the EV300 program.

The EV300 program launch in early 2010 and was one of the first of its kind in the World. The program took fleets through a guided process to 1) put the right EVs in the right jobs, 2) benefit from group buying, and 3) monitor the EVs to track performance and assist in driver education.

Five years later the results are clear. Deployed correctly, EVs can be a cost-effective and environmentally-responsible workhorse for the fleet. Of the fleets analyzed, the operating costs of the PHEVs were 60.3% less than the gasoline baseline vehicles and BEVs had 87.7% lower operating costs. Including upstream emissions from Toronto’s grid, the emissions reduction averaged 92%.

Click here to read TAF’s full report.

As a personal note, we were hono(u)red to be part of this project. The EV Suitability Assessments we built for this project paved the way for the system we now use for clients all over the World. And most notably it was this project that convinced us to design our own hardware; built specifically to be the best electric vehicle monitoring device in the World. The first of those units was deployed as part of this project. Now we have units operating in 23 different countries. On behalf of the entire FleetCarma team, thank you TAF. And a special tip of the hat to Ben and Lyle.

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