On-Demand: Plugging in Fleet Vehicles:

How charging behavior is impacting the grid and fleet operations

Plugging in Fleet Vehicles

For the past year, FleetCarma has been collecting real-world data on how and when electric vehicles are being charged. This webinar will share the insights gained from charging EVs in various fleet applications and how results differ for various EV makes and models.

Specifically the webinar will cover the following topics in detail:

  • The financial and environmental impacts of various real-world charging profiles
  • The operational fleet benefits to optimizing charging behavior
  • How to increase electric vehicle utilization with better charging decisions
  • The tools you can use to leverage use of current charging infrastructure

Who Needs to Download it?

  • You are a fleet manager considering adopting electric vehicles
  • You are in charge of integrating electric technologies in your city or municipality
  • You want to learn more about the process associated with selecting and implementing EVSEs
  • Fleet managers, municipalities, cities, grid operators, researchers and media