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Electric Vehicle Challenge post free monitoring volt leaf focus i-miEVDo you think that your electric vehicle is the best make and model out there?  Do you catch yourself trying to educate people on how your EV stands out from the pack?

There is one thing that unites EV owners and it’s not just a plug at home, it’s their passion.  EV owners everywhere are passionate about electric vehicles in general, but most specifically about their own.

We’ve seen comparisons based on their technical specs, drag racing, and overall sales but for the first time we want to see how these vehicles fare in the real-world.

FleetCarma and its sister product, MyCarma are giving EV owners a chance to prove that their vehicle performs the best and makes the biggest real-world impact.  Each vehicle will be assigned a team of 2-3 EV owners who will compete with other cars to determine who can champion their EV the best.  These EV owners will be from across North America.

Vehicles considered for the challenge are the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Volt, Ford Focus EV, Toyota Plug-in Prius, and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV.  Participants will receive FleetCarma’s C5 data logger and free Energy and Emissions reporting for the duration of the 3-month challenge.  FleetCarma’s Energy and Emissions monitoring system provides real-world and personalized results so that EV drivers can better understand their vehicle, usage, environmental impacts and driving behavior.  View a sample report here.

In order to keep a fair playing ground, the challenge will measure overall  EV success as fuel and emissions reductions relative to the average vehicle in North America.  This way a plug-in hybrid like the Chevrolet Volt will not be compared directly to an all-electric like the Nissan Leaf.  Instead all vehicles will be compared to an average so that the effect of each vehicle can be gauged in terms of overall gasoline use avoided and total CO2 emissions prevented.

The challenge will run from January 15 2013, until April 15, 2013 with the winning vehicle announced on Earth Day.  The individual driver who demonstrates themselves to be the best EV champion by fuel use reductions will receive one year of free Energy and Emissions monitoring from FleetCarma.

Learn More about the challenge or apply today.

(updated on December 17 to include Toyota Plug-in Prius)

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