A Special Offer For Burlington & Oakville Residents

Get a Level 2 Charging Station With No Upfront Costs

We’re collaborating with Burlington Hydro and Oakville Hydro to offer an advanced Level 2 Charging station without any upfront costs or hassle of installation.

What do I get out of it?

Level 2 Charging Station With Smart Grid Connectivity

No Upfront Costs

No Upfront Costs

With low monthly payments ($24.99), you can skip out on having to make a large deposit for charging station hardware and installation (typically around $2k).

Hassle-Free Installation

Hassle-Free Installation

The entire charging station installation process is handled by your utility. This means you won’t have to worry about permits, labour, or orientation.

Advanced Vehicle Analytics

Advanced Vehicle Analytics

Using a FleetCarma data-logger, get access to advanced analytics including vehicle efficiency, charging status, trip & charge logs, driver feedback, and battery health.

Equip Your Home With the Latest
EV Charging Technology

Only $24.99 Per Month!

About the Program

EVfutureGRID provides an opportunity for residential owners of electric vehicles to have their household equipped with a leading edge residential charging station at a reduced cost, while participating in a ground-breaking smart-charging program.

The program will help pave the way for the broad scale adoption of EVs, acquiring vital key learning on homeowner interaction with EVs and the load on the electricity grid. The EV charging stations will work in tandem with advanced ‘behind-the-meter’ smart-charging technology to automate the interaction between EVs and the grid, ensuring EV charging does not overload the system while at the same time ensuring vehicle owners have charge when they need it, based on their usage and preferences.

This made-in-Canada smart-charging technology was first proved out in a Toronto residential pilot in 2015, and is now ready for wide-scale roll-out. Be a part of history, and join in our commitment to a cleaner, greener community for the benefit of future generations.

How does it work?

Q: Who Qualifies For EVfutureGRID?

A: Anyone who owns both a home and a plug-in electric vehicle in Oakville or Burlington, Ontario can apply. Since this is a residential program, your household must be the primary place where you park and charge your EV. Prior to formalizing your participation, a free pre-site inspection will be conducted to ensure your home is well-suited to our charging station installation.

Q: What is involved in the charging station installation?

A: After registering for the EVfutureGRID program, you will be contacted by Oakville Hydro or Burlington Hydro engineering department to arrange an appointment for a site visit. A certified contractor will visit your home to confirm that it is well suited for an EV charger installation. The entire process is turn-key with everything handled (including permits, installation and orientation) by Oakville Hydro or Burlington Hydro and our approved certified contractor.

Q: How will the community benefit from homes with EVfutureGRID Charging Stations compared to standard charger installations?

A: Installing an EVfuture GRID Charging Station in your home benefits the greater community by providing Oakville Hydro or Burlington Hydro with key learning about EV impacts on the grid. This data will be necessary to prepare for the inevitable wider-spread adoption of EVs. Understanding how EV charging stations affect the grid is critical to gain a full appreciation for how they can be managed to reduce load on the grid, emissions and combat climate change. Furthermore, since the utility has the ability to manage your charge during critical peak load times, to meet your expectations, you will greatly contribute to the stability of the grid.

Q: How much will I save over a standard EV charging station?

A: All participants will be rewarded with a reduced rate for equipment and installation. In addition, charges will be spread over the duration of the EVfuture Grid lease.

Q: How will Oakville Hydro or Burlington Hydro connect with my EV charging station?

A: From time to time, Oakville Hydro or Burlington Hydro will connect to the EVfutureGRID Charging Station to collect real-time data. We will monitor and analyze usage, and at critical peak load times, scale up or down power flow or delay charging, while always ensuring you have sufficient charge when you need it.

Q: How long does my participation in the EVfutureGRID study last?

A: Your participation in the EVfutureGRID study will last one year, at which time you can choose to continue in the lease or opt out.

Q: Are hybrid vehicles that run on both gas and electricity eligible?

A: All chargeable electric vehicles with the standard SAE J1772 charging connector are eligible.

Q: What are the situations that might disqualify my home from being eligible?

A: If the requirement for upgrades and excavation goes beyond what can be accommodated in a standard installation, and you are not comfortable incurring additional charges, you can opt out of the program with no cost or obligation.

Q: What happens if I require upgrades beyond those that are included in the EVfutureGRID Charger Installation Offer?

A: It would be at the homeowners’ option to pick up any additional charges, or opt not to participate.

Q: What are the monthly costs, and how will I be billed?

A: For a standard installation your monthly fee will be $24.99. Your electricity bill will have a line item added for the monthly cost of the charging station. Electricity usage will remain on your regular hydro bill.

Q: Do I lose any control over when I can charge or use my EV?

A: You will be able to plug in your EV at any time. Based on overall load on the grid, the utility may scale power levels up or down to your charging station and may defer charging to another time. The smart-charging technology will ensure you have sufficient charge when you need it, based on smart-charging preferences each participant sets in an online web portal. The vehicle logger that will be installed in your vehicle sends your battery state-of-charge to the smart-charging system, so that your charge will not be slowed if you have low state-of-charge.

Q: What happens at the end of the program?

A: At the conclusion of the study period, participants will have the option to 1) Continue in the lease 2) Buy the charging station outright at a fair market value 3) Cancel the lease and have the charging station removed at no charge.

> For more information you can visit the EV Future Grid website.

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