EV owners seeking to help potential EV owners – please vote!

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Electric vehicles are better.

Every day more and more people are making that realization and buying electric.  While promising, we need to accelerate the rate of people making the switch.

Having been to hundreds of EV events over the years, there are three obvious facts:

  • The best salesperson for an EV is the car itself.
  • The second best salesperson is an EV owner.
  • The killer combo is an EV owner with their car.

The “butts in seat” benefit of EVs is evident for any of us that have been in the car for someone’s first EV ride.  A fun video showing this in action is here.  And I’ve seen many, many, many EV owners volunteer their weekends and cars to help others realize that EVs are better.

Enter the Electric Vehicle Society.  The EV Society works with EV owners and EV owner groups across Canada.  These individuals have dedicated countless hours to helping the EV cause in Canada.  And, now, there is a way for them to supercharge *groan* their efforts.  AVIVA, the insurance company, has a community fund that supports good causes.

The EV Society has an entry that is in the running and needs your support.

Please, if you have 5min, consider voting for the EV Society’s entry.  Voting ends Thursday, October 17th, 2017 at 5:00 pm eastern. 

  1. Using the website link below, register yourself so you can log in (it’s a quick process).
  2. Once logged in, search the projects for “Trusted EVisor”
  3. Register your 18 Votes (everyone gets 18 votes) for the Trusted EVisor Project


One of many examples of EV Society’s community engagement efforts.

I’ve personally seen what this group of volunteers have been able to accomplish without funding.  And get excited when I think of what they could accomplish with this funding.

The entrants with the top votes then become finalists and winners are selected by a panel.  Fingers crossed that EVisors are among those finalists.  And better yet, winners. If they do, there will be an uptick in new and happy EV owners in Canada.

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