Electric Vehicle Sales in Canada: Q3 2016 Update

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Feb 2017 update: The final 2016 Canadian EV sales numbers are out!

The numbers are in – and it’s an exciting time for Canada.

In late 2014, Canada hit its milestone of 10,000 electric vehicles in the country. In early 2016, Canada surpassed the 20,000 plug-in hybrid and battery electric vehicles milestone.

After a strong third quarter, Canada is now well on its way to reaching the 30,000 mark.

Total Canadian EV Fleet 2016 Q3

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Overall, Q3 electric vehicle sales were strong. Earlier this year, June 2016 was the first month where sales spiked over 1,000 EVs in just one month. While July dipped just below 1,000, August was back over 1,100, and September set a record of over 1,300 PHEVs and BEVs sold in Canada.

Monthly EV Sales in Canada for Q3 2016

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Ontario and Quebec Leading the Way for a Strong 2016

After evaluating the year-over-year numbers, it is clear that Ontario’s and Quebec’s growth contributed greatly to the overall national numbers.

Quebec crushed it in Q3, showing a 69% growth rate. It had over 650 plug-ins registered in September alone!

Ontario also posted a whopping 77% growth rate in Q3.

BC showed a bump, but not quite as strong as the other two provinces.  This is likely due to the fact that one year ago BC was riding a strong high from the return of the Clean Energy Vehicle for BC incentive.

Year-Over-Year Comparison, Q3 2016 EV Sales in CanadaOverall, looking at 2016 (up to the end of September), national growth is up 60% compared to 2015. That’s incredible growth and no doubt a step in the right direction for Canada.

Year-Over-Year Comparison, Q1-Q3 2016 EV Sales in CanadaMonthly PEV Registrations as of Q3 2016While the rest of the provinces aren’t doing much in the line of EV adoption, Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia prove to be breaking and making records in growth in 2016.

Total Plug-in Vehicles by Province in Canada as of Q3 2016The Volt Continuing Its Dominance

With a giant spike in the market, the Chevrolet Volt has dominated EV sales in Canada. In both August and September, the Volt recorded over 450 sales, doubling the sales of the second highest volume PEV (the Tesla Model X) over that period.

Monthly sales by EV model in Q3 2016 (Canada)Nissan LEAF and Tesla Model S sales continue to remain strong, as they are both sitting at 18% of the registered EVs in Canada as of September 30, 2016.

EV Models in Canada as of September 30, 2016With the top 3 EV models holding their ground in Canada, BMW is also taking charge in a new way (pun intended). The BMW 330e is now in the mix of EVs in Canada – the first one delivered in June.

As well, the BMW X5 PHEV had flown under our radar, with the first one being registered in January.  This makes BMW the retailer with the most plug-in models available in Canada, now with 4 unique models.

BMW 330e


Overall the highlights of the Canadian EV market for Q3 2016 are:

  • As of Q3, Canadian EV sales are up by 60% from last year
  • Sales are being led by the Chevrolet Volt
  • Quebec continues to expand its EV adoption
  • BMW now has the most plug in options of any single retailer

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As always, the data is sourced from R.L. Polk & Company registration data, industry executive interviews, and rounded out by Matthew Klippenstein’s Canadian EV Sales Summaries.

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