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2,440,000+ L fuel saved
5,860,000+ kg CO2 saved
Number of Charge Events 807,319
Number of Stations: 528

Edible Canada Bistro, Granville Island

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0 Charging Station, 0 Ports
Manufacturer: ChargePoint

1596 Johnston Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6H 3R9

Edible Canada is a multifaceted culinary tourism company focused solely on promoting local food and highlighting Canadian cuisine. Located in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia on Granville Island, Edible Canada offers a vibrant Restaurant, a Gourmet Artisan Retail Shop and multiple local Tours, events and Getaways.

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Total Charging Energy Dispensed (2018/08/01 to 2019/07/21)
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Number of Charge Events
Total Energy Dispensed
Total Energy Dispensed
0 kWh
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Total Fuel Displaced
0 L
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Total Emissions Reduced
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Average Charge Duration0.00 h
Average Charge Energy0kWh
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