EVfutureGRID offered to Burlington & Oakville Residents

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Current or future EV owners in Burlington and Oakville Ontario now have the opportunity to start charging at home without the hassle of finding and purchasing a station, or arranging and paying for an installation. Applying to lease a home charging station through the EVfutureGRID program will help take care of this for you.

EVfutureGRID aims to pave the way for the broad scale adoption of EVs in Ontario by studying charging patterns of EV owners and automating their interactions with the grid. This is where FleetCarma comes in to offer one-of-a-kind Smart Charging technology to help reduce grid impacts and greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity generated for electric vehicle charging.

In addition to making it easier for EV owners to begin charging at home, applicants to EVfutureGRID will also gain access to detailed and in-depth data about their own driving and charging from FleetCarma. No longer will you need to guess about the health of your battery, how long it will take to get to a full charge, or what your real-world fuel efficiency is for each and every trip.

By leasing a top-of-the-line charging station from your utility:

  • Installation is taken care of
  • No upfront costs (which are typically about $2,000)
  • Leasing is only $24.99/month
  • FREE access to detailed information about your driving and charging
  • and you will be contributing to the stability of your local electricity grid through the EVfutureGRID program.

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For Burlington – Burlington Hydro Engineering (905) 332-2251

For Oakville – Oakville Hydro Engineering (905) 825-9400 x.2266

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