EVfutureGRID offered to Burlington & Oakville Residents

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Current or future EV owners in Burlington and Oakville Ontario now have the opportunity to start charging at home without the hassle of finding and purchasing a station, or arranging and paying for an installation. Applying to lease a home charging station through the EVfutureGRID program will help take care of this for you.

Updated Program Details:

Burlington Hydro’s NEW EVfutureGRID offer:

If you choose to participate, you will purchase the charging station up-front for a discounted cost of $800. You can then use the proof of purchase as well as the installation invoice to apply for incentives available through the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (50% of purchase cost and 50% of installation fee. Information can be found at http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/vehicles/electric/charging-incentive-program.shtml)

Once your charging station is connected to your residence, Burlington Hydro will schedule an appointment to come and install a Fleetcarma C5 logging device into the onboard diagnostics port of your car. This is a very quick process that can be done within 15 minutes or less. At that time we will also provide you with a PLC Communication device (a small white device about the size of a deck of cards) that will need to be plugged into your internet router. This device is pre-configured to connect with your charging station automatically and will work in conjunction with the Fleetcarma C5 logging device, providing you with 24/7 wireless access to your charging data which is available through Fleetcarma’s online portal.

Burlington Hydro requires participants to enroll in the program for a minimum of five years at a fee of $11.00 a month, which is payable by cheque. This fee will cover all administration and program costs and will provide you with an account for Fleetcarma’s online portal, giving you full access to all program data collected from your vehicle.

After five years of participation, you will have the option to have the C5 Logger removed from your car and discontinue participation in the program.

In summary, the expenses/fees associated with this program are the quoted installation fee that will be quoted after the initial consultation, $800 for the charging station, and $11 a month for five years. *Note that it is the responsibility of the participant to apply for any incentives and rebates available through Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation.


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For Burlington – Burlington Hydro Engineering (905) 332-2251

For Oakville – Oakville Hydro Engineering (905) 825-9400 x.2266

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