FleetCarma announced as a finalist for the 2016 Ontario Export Awards

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We’re excited to announce that we made the list of finalists for the Ontario Export Awards – and are delighted to be sharing the list with the likes of Canada Goose and (other local tech firm) eSentire.  Within the Cleantech category, we are one of three finalists along with Silfab Solar and Hydrogenics.

For us, the focus on international markets is one of necessity.

We’re a company focused on building products that accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles.  When we started, the electric vehicle industry was a concept.  Since then the electric vehicle market has grown, but remains nascent.  It is fragmented.  And it is global.  So to play, and to have enough volume, we have to build systems that solve global challenges.

That is part of what makes it exciting.  At the same time, it is not without challenges.  We have learnt more about global shipments, duties, and brokerage fees then we ever cared to.  The result; however, is that until a month ago we had our units deployed in more countries then we had people.  We just hired five people, so we have to catch our country-count back up!

So I wanted to give a thank you to the entire team.  Working across a wide range of times zones and managing the sales, shipping, and deployment challenges of new markets has been no small feat. Personally, I’d like to thank my wife for accepting me hitting frequent-flyer status the same year our second daughter was born.

Regardless of which company ultimately wins the award on November 22nd I am delighted that we’ve made the list of finalists.  We have a long way to go and more to learn.  This is a mile marker that means we’re one step closer to driving electric vehicle adoption.  Globally.

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