FleetCarma’s New Look!

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As you might have noticed, the look of fleetcarma.com has changed.  We looked over our old site and tried to find ways to better bring you details and information both about our resources, and our products.

What has changed?

The biggest change is the creation of more detailed descriptions and screenshots of the capabilities of our Vehicle Analytics system.  Before now, details like driver behavior, and idle monitoring were tucked away in demos.  The new products page brings these features out and allows visitors to discover the benefits of these features and discover ways our fleet partners are using them.

EV-suitabilityfleet-procurement-support idling Driver Behavior FeedbackElectric Vehicle Metrics

We also brought our real-world mileage report to the homepage.  This unique resource allows users to sort by vehicle and access our database of real-world trips to find information about the actual fuel efficiency these vehicles are achieving.

 Image shows method to choose a vehicle for real-world mileage results.

Real world fuel economy of chevrolet volt plotted.  Showing Average MPG of 62.71 miles per gallon per vehicle.

Feel free to compare the mileage of vehicles in your fleet to our real-world database.  If you find your fleet coming up short, check out these tips for greening your fleet.

Have a look around and explore or new product features and resources. If you see something you like or something you think needs improvement, let us know, we would love to hear from you!

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