FleetCarma Logger Profiled in Technology Spotlight

 In Inside FleetCarma

FleetCarma’s electric vehicle logging technology was profiled in the Record’s Technology Spotlight.  The Technology Spotlight is an annual feature that profiles some of the most exciting companies and technologies in the Waterloo region. The full article can be accessed through the link below.

The team at CrossChasm/FleetCarma greatly appreciates the coverage of the work we’re doing to help accelerate the industry’s move to a more fuel efficient future.



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  • This data logging and visualization surely taps into the geeks like me who bought an electric car to take a leap into the future.

    I don’t particularly care about the efficiency of driving my Smart ED, as I can drive with an “eco right foot” and only save a few pennies compared to hammering the accelerator at every stop light, as it’s already very cheap to operate!

    Contrast that to plugin hybrids like the Ford Energi where you need to carefully control your throttle to achieve the best efficiency.

    I do see a market for these devices and technology. Good fortune to you and your team!

    • Spencerforhire

      Hi would you mind if I asked an off topic question? Where did you get your Smart ED?

      I walked into the Mercedes dealer here in Kingston Ontario, with cash in my hand, and they would not sell me one.