FleetCarma Sponsors EcoCAR2 Competition

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FleetCarma joins the likes of General Motors, the U.S. Department of Energy, Natural Resources Canada, and other organizations in sponsoring the next installment in Advanced Vehicle Technology Competition (AVTCs) called: EcoCAR2 – Plugging into the Future.

The competitions have been managed by the Argonne National Laboratory for 23 years and the goal of this three-year competition is to challenge university and college students to redesign, rebuild and refine GM-donated vehicles into vehicles with significantly reduced emissions, while maintaining or improving the vehicles’ driving performance, safety and utility.  Fifteen universities and colleges from Canada and the United States qualified to participate in the competition.

“FleetCarma is proud to be an active member in the EcoCAR community”, admits Matt Stevens, co-founder and CEO of FleetCarma’s parent company, CrossChasm Technologies Inc.  “I am an alumnus of an AVT competition and understand their value in developing the next generation of automobiles and automotive engineers.”

Over the 23-year history of these competitions, 455 vehicles have been developed and 16,500 students have participated.  According to the competition organizers, 75% of graduates have entered the automotive industry after participating in the program.

FleetCarma’s tools used for greening your fleet and total cost of ownership calculations have already been utilized by one of the university team’s in the competition.  To read more about this click here, or you can visit the competition’s blog at: www.greengarageblog.org.

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