Fleets Integrate Electric Vehicles Successfully with New FleetCarma Product; Over 1,000 units sold

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MONTREAL, June 20, 2016 /CNW/ – FleetCarma, a global leader in telematics systems for electric vehicles, announced today at EVS29 the launch of a new product for fleets seeking to increase the number of electric vehicles they operate. The new telematics device, named the C2, is the first device in the world capable of supporting gasoline, diesel, hybrid, and electric vehicles.

Fleets connecting the telematics device to gasoline, diesel, and hybrid vehicles in their fleet receive the immediate benefits of standard telematics, while the system also uses the operational data to identify optimal vehicles for replacement with electric vehicles. As electric vehicles are integrated into the fleet the same telematics device can be connected to these vehicles, providing FleetCarma’s industry-leading electric vehicle telematics capabilities. The result is a single telematics system that can be deployed across all vehicles within a fleet, providing immediate telematics benefits on the gasoline and diesel vehicles while providing the long term benefits of optimized electric vehicle deployment.

“Fleets are under increasing pressure to adopt electric vehicles into their fleet, while maintaining high vehicle availability and low operating costs,” said Matt Stevens, CEO of FleetCarma. “We are proud to launch the C2 hardware today, completing a turnkey system that enables fleets to go electric, smartly and successfully.” The new hardware leverages FleetCarma’s experience in data logging vehicles and working with fleets adopting electric vehicles since 2007.

To identify the ideal vehicles for electric vehicle replacement the system utilizes FleetCarma’s patented Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment technology. This technology utilizes the vehicle’s drive cycles and climate to determine which electric vehicles would have sufficient range, as well as calculating real-world estimates of emissions and total cost. The result is a ranking of the vehicles within a fleet from the most suitable to least suitable for electric vehicle replacement.

Deployed on electric vehicles the system provides features required for efficient operation. This includes real-time state-of-charge, charging data, driving data, electric versus gasoline utilization in plug-in hybrids, home-charging reimbursement report, and plug-in compliance monitoring. More recently the system has been used in smart-charging systems, meeting the vehicle’s charging needs while providing the electricity grid a manageable load.

Over 1,000 units of the new hardware have been sold in advance of the launch to existing FleetCarma clients.

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FleetCarma is a connected car platform, uniquely capable of supporting electric vehicle adoption and deployment. Fleets, electric utilities, and leasing companies turn to FleetCarma to ensure EV owners have an excellent ownership experience and that fleets obtain a positive ROI on their EV fleet. FleetCarma has deployed thousands of telematics devices across 23 countries.

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