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fuel-gaugeHave you ever stopped to think how much you’re spending on gas? When I ask most people what they spend each year on gas they usually respond with a weekly amount. This is because many of us pull into the gas station without giving much thought to the expense.  We turn off the engine, insert the card, fill up and drive away. $50 a week seems like a small amount but over the course of the year you will spend $2,600 dollars. Most people I speak to are in disbelief when you take their weekly amount and simply multiply it by 52 weeks.

I am the biggest offender of gas pump amnesia. Every month when the credit card bill is due I am reminded of just how much I am spending on gas. My problem is not that I drive long distances or that I have a lead foot the problem is my 2001 Oldsmobile Alero (with the added bonus of having a V6).  I recently used our new MyCarma app, a mobile application that shows how much you are spending on gas based on how you drive, to determine that my Alero is getting 12.9 L/100km (22 mpg).  The worst part about discovering my personal fuel economy was that I actually have a very high ecodriver and ecoroute score. The money I’m spending at the pump is no fault of mine but rather the result of an old inefficient car.

Using the MyCarma app I am able to see my current fuel consumption, but also the fuel economy I could expect to see in a new vehicle based on how I drive. The app generates a fuel economy sticker for each vehicle I’m considering to buy instead of relying on a generic fuel economy sticker that is displayed in the vehicle show room. I was surprised to find out that I could cut my yearly fuel spending in half by moving into a new vehicle (not even a hybrid). If I drive a Mazda 3 the same way I drive my Alero I could cut my fuel expenditure from $1,600 to $700 or 56%.

The MyCarma app aims to inform all drivers of how much they really spend on fuel and show them how much they could save in their next vehicle. The app is now in the final round of a US White House sponsored competition. If you like the idea of getting a personal fuel economy rating and knowing what you could save in your next vehicle, let the government know by voting for us!

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