Getting the Most Miles Out of Your Event Budget

 In Electric Vehicle News

Even with tightening event budgets, the value that fleet managers can derive from educational sessions and shared experiences can be well worth the expense.  The fleet industry offers a large variety of conferences that address topics that are important to fleet personnel. In addition to NAFA and AFLA, there are a number of specialized events that narrow in on sustainability, government, vocational, and other focused targets.

When planning out your event calendar for the year, choose the conferences that apply the most to your particular interests.  Even though green fleet topics and vocational subjects may seem equally important, if your budget only allows for one show, take the time to drill down into the agenda and determine which event will offer the most bang for the travel buck.

If there is some flexibility in your budget, and you feel strongly about attending multiple events, then make the case for it! The approving area within your organization may be receptive to exceptions if you are well prepared and versed in the need for your attendance, and how it will benefit the company overall.

With conferences like the Green Fleet Conference, AFLA, and OPIS Fleet Fueling coming up on the horizon, happy planning and safe travels!

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