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Signup for early access to a SmartCharge Rewards™ program in your area.

How SmartCharge Rewards™ works
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We’re on a mission to help provide a better charging experience for EV owners like you. Real-world charging data is critical for utilities to make informed decisions. Early adopters will help usher in an era of EV smart charging and get rewards for doing so.

Why sign-up for early access?

By joining the early access waitlist you’re signing on to our mission to help usher in clean transportation for everyone. Early adopters are the first to receive the FleetCarma C2 device and will be looked to for input to improve SmartCharge Rewards™. Use the device to track your EV charging, trips, battery health and even more hard to get data from your EV.


It’s quick and easy to register! We’ll ship a FleetCarma C2 device right to your door at no cost.


It takes minutes to plug your free FleetCarma C2 device into your vehicle’s OBD port.


Shift your EV charging to take place during off-peak hours.

Earn Rewards

Earn badges, rewards, and incentives for maintaining smart charging habits.

Plug-in to Learn More About Your EV

Setup is quick and easy. Your FleetCarma C2 plugs into your EV’s on-board diagnostic (OBD) port or Tesla diagnostic connector to unlock powerful information about your EV usage.

Incentives for off-peak charging

Every kWh of charging out of peak times can earn cash or gift cards.

Battery health data

Understand battery storage and power capacity over time.

Track your charging

View your charging habits, find smarter ways to charge for more rewards.

Smart charging badges

We’ve gamified EV charging to reward the smartest chargers.

Monitor your charging and driving habits

Track your driving efficiency, learn more about your EV and how it compares to other EV owners.

Charging Energy Consumption

See when you charge your vehicle, and how much energy is consumed.

Trip Data

View your electric miles, carbon footprint, and battery state of charge.

Community of EV Owners

Share & compare stats and experiences with like-minded EV owners.

Download Your Stats

Keep records and share your vehicle’s stats with friends and family.

Support local EV Charging

Signup for early access to a SmartCharge Rewards™ program in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join SmartCharge Rewards early access?

You can join the early access waitlist if you own or lease a plug-in electric vehicle – either a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle or battery electric vehicle.

What happens after I sign-up to early access?

We’ll review your application to confirm eligibility. If accepted, we will send you a FleetCarma C2 with instructions for installation and how to activate your C2.

Can I still use the device without an OBD port?

Yes. For Teslas and other vehicles with alternative OBD setups, the C2 device is installed in a proprietary diagnostics connector using a supplied adaptor cable.

What do I get for joining?

You’ll receive a C2 device and gain access to advanced EV stats from FleetCarma dashboard at no cost. We cover shipping as well.

What information is collected and why?

With electric vehicle sales on the rise, utilities need to capture real-world charging data from their service area. Real-world charging data is necessary for utilities to make informed decisions about their infrastructure and ensure they are ready to provide EV owners a good charging experience. The C2 collects: Charging Information — The amount of charging energy consumed is collected in order to provide you with charging behavior feedback. Driving Information – Used to calculate energy efficiency in miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) and watt-hours per mile (Wh/mile). Location Information – GPS charging location coordinates will be used to determine where EV owners need charging stations and where they currently charge. For more details on the handling of your personal information, please refer to the Program Terms and Conditions. Information that can identify you personally will not be made public or given to organizations outside of FleetCarma and our participating partners.

Is GPS information shared?

GPS information is collected, but not shared at the individual level. The data is collected and stored but no one outside of FleetCarma will see an individual’s location data. The GPS data will be aggregated for the purpose of showing utility service area charging.