Here’s a Tip, and Keep the (Annoying) Change

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A fleet e-newsletter I received in my email inbox a few weeks ago really caught my eye more than the usual daily delivery.

The subject read something along of the lines of, “fuel saving tips are annoying, but as necessary as dental appointments.” I chuckled at first because let’s face it, a good old teeth cleaning certainly doesn’t rank high on most of our “Can’t Wait to Do!” lists.  Still, it’s something we do because it’s important for our overall health and well-being.

Maybe I don’t speak for all, but I don’t necessarily find fuel savings tips annoying in the first place! Plus they are things we should do for our overall financial and environmental well-being.

Sure, the tips are usually just reminders of the eco-driving habits that we all already know, and maybe some folks do find it annoying to hear the obvious. Still, with all of us trying to cram more accomplishments in the same work day (actual hours may vary!) sometimes it can be easy to forget the small stuff. We often receive gentle reminders for common tasks, and perhaps fuel should receive the same attention?

Don’t smash the go-pedal.

Make sure you’re not running tires into the ground with low pressure.

Do not try to carry too much cargo, especially if you don’t need all of it.

Absolutely no speeding (for several good reasons).

These are all good rules to remember when trying to coax the average MPG number in your vehicle’s data center just a smidge higher. And with that, I’ve hit you with a couple of fuel savings tips on the sly, and it wasn’t too annoying.

We want to hear from you! Do you provide your drivers with fuel tips on a regular basis, when gas prices start to creep up, or not at all?

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