How do you Find a Public Charger in Canada?

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How to find electric vehicle charging stations


Not that easily I’m afraid. The chargers exist in many Canadian metropolitan areas they just remain… well hidden. Charging station locations in the states however are much more transparent. The U.S Department of Energy lists charger locations on their website, but the lists are difficult to navigate. The better solution for finding a public charger is through charger mapping. is a charger mapping site that allows users to upload charger locations. Their map currently shows the location of thousands of public charging stations across the United States. Unfortunately their maps have very limited data on chargers within Canada. The solution for Canadian electric vehicle users and enthusiasts is on the way though.

Current Canadian Options:

Currently it is difficult for Canadian electric vehicle owners to figure out where they can stop and charge their batteries. Some charging stations have been added to, but not nearly enough for it to be useful for many Canadians. Alternatively, if you live in Quebec you can use Hydro Quebec’s Electric Circuit program to locate chargers within the province. These options do not provide value to the majority of electric vehicle owners in Canada.

The Solution:

Electric Mobility Canada (EMC) alongside CAA and Plug N Drive are in the process of creating a Canada wide charging map. The project will map out the location of all public charging units in Canada and display them conveniently in one place. To discover the location of these chargers charging station providers will be contacted directly. This will allow the project to maintain accuracy that may be inconsistent with user uploaded information. The three parties that are involved were working independently on similar projects and decided to collaborate to accelerate the implementation and create a more robust experience. Because of the joint effort, the charging map will appear on EMC’s website in short order.

We have also developed a mobile solution to help locate chargers in Canada. Our application known as EV Charging Station Locator is available on our site as well as directly on GooglePlay. The application will assist users in finding charging stations in Canada. The app allows you to find the nearest station to your current location and provides turn by turn directions. We are excited to provide Canadians with this unique experience and hope you will give it a try.

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