How are LEAF and Volt owners charging their electric cars? (infographic)

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A couple of weeks ago, we went in-depth comparing the charge patterns of the Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt. With the INL report results generating a fair bit of attention across the web, we thought it’d be a good idea to highlight some of the key findings for you, infographic style:

Nissan LEAF vs Chevrolet Volt Charging Patterns infographic

Key Findings

The INL Study took place over 3 years, monitoring 8,300 electric vehicles across 22 regions in the United States. It analyzed over 125 million miles of driving and 6 million charging events.

Average Miles Driven

Nissan Leaf: 9,697
Chevrolet Volt: 12,238

With the 2013 national average coming in at 11,346 miles, Volt owners drove slightly more than average, while LEAF owners drove slightly less.

Electric Miles

Nissan Leaf: 9,697
Chevrolet Volt: 9,112

Volt drivers averaged only 6% fewer EV miles per year than LEAF drivers, despite having less than half as much battery energy storage capacity.

Charge Frequency

Nissan Leaf: 1.1
Chevrolet Volt: 1.5

Volt drivers plug in 36% more often. Most LEAF owners know that their daily needs will usually fall within the car’s range limitations, thus have little motivation to plug in during the day. Volt owners plug in more frequently as their cost-per-mile significantly increases once their limited electric range runs out.

Charging Done From Home

Nissan Leaf: 84%
Chevrolet Volt: 87%

The vast majority of plug-in vehicle drivers do their charging at home. Much of the remaining charging was done at their workplace – in fact, 98% of all charging events were performed at home or at work.

Charge From 3 or Fewer Stations

Nissan Leaf: 77%
Chevrolet Volt: 92%

Plug-in drivers tend to cluster their charge events to just a few select stations. Those who used five or more charging stations tended to be LEAF owners, many of whom occasionally rely on public charging in order to make it home after an unusually long trip.

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