Installation Instructions

  • Turn on vehicle
  • Install device into OBD2 port. This port is usually located below the steering wheel.
  • Verify that the Orange Status LED turns on solid. If the Orange Status LED fails to go solid, try a different vehicle. If LED still fails to light, contact FleetCarma Support.
  • Verify that the Blue Network LED either flashes or turns on solid. If you are in an area of low cellular coverage, the Blue Network LED may not go solid.

If one or both LEDs are off after plugging into your vehicle, follow these steps:

  • Ensure vehicle is started (vehicle ready to drive).
  • Unplug C2, wait for 10 seconds, and plug back in.
  • LED’s still not lit? Try a different vehicle, or Contact FleetCarma support at or 1-800-975-2434.

LEDs: What do they mean?

LED Chart