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Get accurate fuel consumption data.

We’re collaborating with NRCan to provide 15-20 journalists with fleet-grade vehicle loggers. The best part? It’s free!

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What do I get out of it?

Accurate Fuel Consumption

Dash trip computers have been found to be frequently optimistic in their readouts, providing consumption values that are off by up to 19%. Using our logger eliminates this discrepancy.

Automated reporting

All your data is automatically uploaded to our responsive portal, and can be exported to a CSV file. No need to track receipts or check the dash computer after each trip.

Driver Feedback data

Get access to other valuable vehicle data, including ECO-driving summaries, idling events, and emissions reports.

Want access to more reliable vehicle data?

How does it work?

FleetCarma logger being clipped-in

Installation is incredibly simple. Just clip the logger into the vehicle’s OBD port under the dash and you’re done. It will automatically detect which vehicle it has been clipped into, and configure itself accordingly.

We’ll also set you up with a login for 24/7 access to our web portal. With these two simple steps, you’ll be ready to roll in no time.

Why is it free?

Canadian car buyers are influenced by the columns and articles written by automotive journalists, the fuel consumption of the vehicles has become an increasingly important topic.

FleetCarma is collaborating with NRCan to provide 15-20 journalists with a fleet-grade vehicle logger, enabling you to receive reliable and useful data to better inform Canadian car buyers.

What does FleetCarma and NRCan get out of it?

In exchange, we simply ask for two things:

1.) You are willing to provide us feedback on the system.

2.) You are ok with NRCan utilizing the data to populate information on real-world driving conditions and vehicle performance. All the data is anonymized, and no location information is given (other than “City”).

Ready to be one of 20 who receive a free logger?